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Pierce Inanis

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Like a game of cat and mouse, he corners her and she slinks away just enough to keep that reverberating heat between them without touch, even as she harbors the entirety of his focus enough to not notice the dull thud of some of the trinkets on the table falling below. Those certainly aren’t his problem, not when he’s alight with the idea of her, his deep voice thrumming a whisper to her ear that’s met with her own.

A nearly imperceptible shiver runs down Pierce’s spine as her mouth quite nearly brushes against his ear, a quite low rumble of a hum that purrs through him to feel the sharp edge of a fang of hers drag along his earlobe. Her words only serve to bring more of that shiver, the goosebumps, the anticipation he can taste on his tongue as he straightens a fraction, large and almost impossibly warm hands lift to the hood she wears, tugging it down to reveal the rest of her dark curls, the horns that sprout, and he tempts with himself on whether he wants to continue to touch rather than devour.

He'd like to do both, truth be told, but Pierce can be patient when needed, and this is quite a fun little game, so he does decide to touch, sinking his fingers into her dark curls to brush them back, hoping to expose her neck a bit more that he might taunt and tease her with his hot breath, the faint brush of his lips, the sharp tease of his teeth.

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Thalassa Sanguis
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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
As her words hang in the air between them, she is hyperaware of his every move. Any doubts about his intentions have long since vanished with the distance between them. When his hands reach up, Thal is disappointed that they aren't immediately placed on her skin. She watches his eyes closely, biting her lip in excitement. Their blue depths reflect the powerful unexplored leagues of ocean that call to her. Each new section bringing opportunity for glory, significant discoveries, and dangerous interactions. This felt similar in every way. And it exhilarated her to the core.

Despite still being fully clothed, the removing of her hood feels as if she has been stripped naked before him. Thal welcomes the heat in his gaze and touch, letting her eyes roll slightly as she imagines more. The brush of his hand is finally making contact with her, although she craves more. She leans her head back into his grasp, letting his hand cradle her skull, exposing more of the pulsing veins of her neck, indicative of her desire for more.

Not one to beg, Thal turns her eyes to his. A simultaneous challenge and demand stand in her eyes. No questions. All uncertainty gone. Just a dare to fulfill every fantasy and expectation occupying her mind.

Then she lets him do just that...


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