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Isla –

I hope you’re well and that you’re safe from what happened in Torchline. I’m reaching out because I intend on creating a town here in King’s End, and as we talked about before, the people here do miss you. I think it would be beneficial to ensure there’s a space for a clinic in the designs of the town and out of everyone I know, you’re the best qualified for it and the people would inherently trust it because you’re, well, you.

(That and we make a pretty good team building things from scratch, don’t we?)

At any rate, if you have the time, I would love the help and would love to see you again.

- Sunny
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Isla Lockwood
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take your medicine


You don't need to use your diplomatic powers of persuasion on me - I'd be more than happy to come and help out.

Things are healing here, slowly but surely, and I've just set up my own clinic in Haulani (finally, I know).

Let me know the time and place, and I'll be there!

~ Isla

Enclosed with the letter are a few sprigs of peppermint bark, and a parcel filled with ripe blackberries.


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