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Jude Quinn

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It's a belated compliment from Sohalia he doesn't expect, and he clears his throat awkwardly beneath a smile that comes off pleased against his will. "Who am I to say my adoring fans are wrong?" It's easier to be playful with her these days, sarcastic and teasing in ways he'd only ever felt comfortable displaying with Sohalia and Noe. And...well, Koa.

Nudging her back with a laugh, Jude wrinkles his nose at her sideways and plops another rock a little too close to her toes in payback. "I'd say we can seal the deal. Friends, for sure." And if it fills a sad hollow spot in his chest at least she can't see it and take back her judgment immediately.

Frowning, Jude shakes his head in a terse motion that has his curls bobbing. "No. I last saw Koa at Molly's," and he realizes that may be way too much information and soldiers on overly fast, "but I was uh. Kinda tipsy. And Sohalia and I had gotten into a huge fight post-breakup, so..." One slim shoulder shrugs awkwardly. "Ronin told me I should write her a letter though." Not that he expects it will be answered, leaving him with sum nada in terms of information to give Flora.

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