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Isar Sindri

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Arm yourself
Submerging himself into the lava alongside Kiada was a new experience. The heat soothed and relaxed muscles that had been tense for too long, and did wonders for the cuts and bruises acquired during the fight. Perhaps he ought to have shifted back, but Isar found that he didn't particularly want to. Not yet. Actually he wasn't sure how to return... but it was fine. He'd figure it out.

Kiada's offer to follow her to her homeland was received with stoic appreciation. Pressing his massive snout to her cheek, the Fyrhund thrn nodded; easily accepting the invitation. Pleased to be accepted, excited to meet more family; and as he dozed off, it was with a bleeding ache of gratitude towards the goddess who had made this all possible.

He would have to think of a way to thank her, once they reached the Hollowed Grounds. And Kiada too - and all the rest of their kin.

Because no one else here will save you

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