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The self is not so weightless, nor whole and unbroken
Remember the pact of our youth
The conversation seems to be winding down, the pair of them having come to an understanding to agree to disagree. Stubbornly, Koa can't help but hold to his conviction that Sunjata's simply wrong, but he knows better than to push an argument. And anyway, he's tired. His toes might have thawed, but the bone-deep chill of hypothermia has left a weariness he cannot shake.

"Both sound great," Koa agrees, a raised eyebrow punctuation the drawled final word. "Whatever else might be said about you, you are an excellent host." Ally of the Ascended. Traitor of the gods. Antihero. Advocate of peace. He's heard Sunjata referred to as all this and more, and as he follows his host deeper into the House of Midnight Koa can't help but wonder: which of them is true?

Koa Carpenter
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