Current Plot: VIII. Starfall

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Current Plot: VIII. Starfall

Deepfrost 316 PC

Flowerbirth 317 PC

Longheat 317 PC

  • The second moon crashes into the Arclight, causing significant damage to Torchline and Halo. Starfall Island appears off the coast of Torchline; {SWE} Starfall

Leafchange 317 PC

Deepfrost 317 PC

  • Moving from the Feverlands, a void monster makes its way into the Oerwoud. After a group fails to stop the spread, it is allowed to continue. Though the board descriptions haven't been updated, most boards are now hostile to anyone who isn't a Friend of the Family, with an abundance of void flora and fauna everywhere you go; {KQ} tell me it's alright
  • The monster from the Oerwoud makes its way to Torchline's shores where it's finally killed; {KQ} but it wasn't alright
  • Certain characters experience a strange dream that seems to suggest there are additional members of the Family and perhaps a God within Starfall Island; {RE} the nobodies
  • Just prior to LongNight, Dahlia and Pierce planted a number of seeds in the Oerwoud. During the darkness, the seeds bloomed; the Unseen Spread

Flowerbirth 318 PC

  • The Family's influence has taken over the Oerwoud! All boards are now hostile to anyone who isn't a Friend of the Family!

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