[SE] Running from silence
gratitude SE/Ludo quest for Noah
Talyson Seawright
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He only had a few places in the Greatwood left to look for Sohalia, but Tal was determined to see his self-appointed task through. Luckily he had good friends who were willing to help him out so he wasn't doing it alone, and he gave Noah a crooked but grateful smile as he stood at the Peregrine's helm and sailed her slow and low over the corrupted woodland below.

This time he had brought her down so her hull was practically touching the skeletal fingers of the trees that stretched towards the sky, dark and grasping without their covering of leaves in Deepfrost. Or maybe that wasn't just his imagination - the branches did seem to try and stretch for the little ship as it coasted over them, occasionally scraping the bottom of her newly-repaired hull. Sluggish vines that pulsed a sickly amethyst curled hungrily in their wake, too slow to make a grab for the floating vessel before it was already past them.

It sent a shiver down Tal's spine, and he had sent Boreal high above to keep watch - and stay well out of range of the hungry wood below.

"Thanks again for comin' out with me," he told his older friend gruffly, taking a hand off the tiller to rub at his nose. "With this void shit spreadin' everywhere it's... well, I really appreciate it. Havin' backup, I mean. If somethin' goes wrong." Having divine backup, no less, in the shape of Vi's chosen, and one of the people he most looked up to on Caido. After the Void Horror and the nightmare in Torchline he was running more scared than usual, and Noah's presence was a strong, solid reassurance that he wasn't dealing with it alone.

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