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// with our one foot in the grave //
Humming a note of agreement as the laughter dies on his tongue, Astaroth shifts a little in the bed despite the pain in his chest, sides, and back — but it doesn’t take an exceptionally long amount of time for the pain killers to start kicking in, and he breathes a slightly larger sigh of relief when it doesn’t feel as tense or painful. “Good.” With the plan in place, Asta sits up after Danta’s already standing and stretching, absolutely taking the opportunity to watch the shorter Ancient stretch out (perhaps a bit jealous or perhaps he’s trying to figure out how to make it up to him, it’s hard to say.)

I would have loathed it. She would have started putting them in my drinks like those tiny umbrellas I have seen recently in Torchline.” Rolling his eyes but accepting the hand to stand, it’s with an incredibly domestic gleam in his dark gaze as he turns to slip an arm into the shirt while he spins enough to get the other arm in, turning back toward Danta as the butcher begins to unbutton his pants to ensure he can tuck in his shirt, before he starts to button the shirt. “You will need to get more paper.” He muses, though fully plans to show Danta the multitude of origami animals on the trek back home in the cart.

- FIN <333
// while the other one's kicking its way right down to hell //

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