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Jack Barclay
Captain of the Ark

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"It was fine," Jack echoes, his laughter scoffed against the crook of her neck. It's likely the first time the captain has heard his sexual prowess described in so few words, though as Flora knows intimately by now, the truth of the matter is laid bare in the goldenrod slant of her thoughts. "The night's not over yet," he points out, as if their speed this time around might not necessarily be a bad thing given how many more occasions there might be to fuck in the future.

Straightening up enough to gaze down at her as he feels her eyes seeking his out, Jack looks, for these rare few moments, like more man than captain, stripped of the accoutrements and responsibilities of The Ark and the islands far beneath them. Raising his hand to accept the ring slipped onto his pinky finger, he offers Flora a roguish wink for her trouble, before shifting enough to pull her pants back up for her.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," he croons, of tomorrow, even as he buttons Flora's jeans and raises an eyebrow at the door over her shoulder, as if to ask if she'd like to go back to the deck of the ship.
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Jack being an Abandoned is common knowledge these days, however his Telepathy remains a well-kept secret:

Magic: Passive Telepathy | The user can read the surface thoughts and emotions of those within a 30ft radius. Control is excellent. Note: "Thoughts and emotions" include anything written in a character's narration in a post.
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Also branded with a small star tattoo beneath his left eye.

Flora Kaito-Taliesin
the Doubletake
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Grinning, Flora's smile utterly mischievous and pirate-like as Jack parrots her words back at her, though in the next instant she's left to wonder what could possibly top starwhale watching? (She needn't wonder what could top "amazing cabin sex" because that's something Flora is absolutely confident Jack could do). Clearing her throat slightly, the Doubletake tries to slow to the mahogany tendrils that stretch out in her mind as she smiles lazily up at the captain. A good part of Jack's allure was in who he was: rough, untouchable, hard. Only now with his cheeks flushed from their sex as much as her own blush smeared onto them and his blue eyes looking as if there weren't a million thoughts racing behind them, he really is handsome in a way she hadn't given him credit for before.

Lifting an eyebrow and smirking, the Doubletake lets him dress her. "What a gentleman." She purrs, before nodding.

"You'll have to tell me what the crew thought." Flora adds with a bounce of her eyebrows, waiting for Jack to do up his own pants before escorting her back out onto the deck.

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