Personal Quest What's the Mata?
the Tidebreaker
King of the Merfolk / Chef

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While it was a relief to see the focus of their search - or so Hadama presumed the little Mata Mata to be, since it responded to the name they had been given for it - it did not appear to be safe quite yet. Still, whatever else the Tidebreaker might have chosen if among friends, he was subdued in the presence of the Reaper. Rather than attempting to dissuade its Abyssal cousins with magic or mayhem he left them to Dahlia's tender mercies. Instead he leaned forward with a quietly assuring rumble: "You will be safe now," in order to reach one large hand out to Mr. Matas, offering it sanctuary against his own bulk and scooping it close if it would let him.

He was warm and calm and smelled faintly of the sea and the sunlight of Torchline as he attempted to stand up and offer Mr. Matas a refuge against the corrupted creatures attempting to wound it.

Hadama tries to soothe Mr. Matas and scoop him up and away from the Abyssal ones!
Dahlia Inanis
the Reaper
Queen of Stormbreak

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You can't buy this fineness
Oh no, what a shame about the little Abyssal Mata Matas. Dahlia is quite convinced they only wish to play, but of course she doubts the gathered group will be open to that sort of interpretation. And so as Lena and Hadama attempt to corral (presumably) the pet they've been chasing after, Dahlia circles away from the group as if to entice the void touched creatures to come to her instead. Whether they do or not is entirely not her problem, but she certainly looks as though she's trying to lure them closer to her.

Really, perhaps Mr. Matas would look good in a shade of purple? He might even still enjoy the weird granola mix they're throwing at him as well. Or maybe he'll have a taste for something a little meatier - who can say?

Dahlia does absolutely nothing, but she crosses around the cavern to make it look as if she's enticing the abyssal mata matas towards her!
Let me see the heat get to it
Code blatently stolen from queen of codes, Sky!

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