The guidebook is a comprehensive directory of all the information available on CotF.

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    Before You Begin
    Welcome to Court of the Fallen! Though there are quite a few guides and resources available, please first read through our rules and our races. CotF is set on the continent of Caido on a planet not unlike the Earth. Home to a variety of mythical and mundane flora and fauna, characters and players alike have the chance to explore and make their mark on this new world in a variety of fun and interesting ways.
    Things to do in the world
    The continent of Caido and the various societies that you will find are yours to interact with, shape, and explore!

    Currently not all of the map is unlocked. Want to know what else there is to do? Try exploring! By doing so, you can unlock new areas of the map, meet new dieties, and gain information that will allow you to reveal more of the world!

    You can build. Chat with one of the admins if you'd like to create permanent structures that would appear in one of our boards/on the map (like creating a large settlement/castle, creating a new tavern, a tea house, etc).

    On that note, you can also create an organization. If you would like to establish an ongoing group that has a goal or focus (bounty hunters, mercenary, thieves, etc), we'd encourage you to do so! In order to have an organization you must have a complete PQ establishing a base of operations. Once you have reached 3 members your organization gains legitimate status and you receive an IC subboard and one magical item per season to be used as a reward for active member participation. The owner of the organization shall determine who receives this item. Click here.

    Get a job! Currently you may create any profession for yourself that you want, save for things that require IC tasks to accomplish (leader of a guild, king, etc). To become a professional (denoted by a ✓ next to your character's profession), you must have a PQ establishing your business and 5 threads dedicated to your craft.

    This world is yours to play in! If there is something else that you would like to do, want to know about, or have questions about, please chat to the admins.

    There are two broad pantheons of gods, known as the "Old Gods" and the "New Gods". Currently all that is known is that the Old Gods handle the creation of the Attuned, while the New Gods handle the creation of the Ascended. Neither pantheon is particularly prone to liking members of the Abandoned, but both view the Accepted favourably.

    The Old Gods consist of Vi (the God of Life), Mort (the God of Death), and Rae (the God of Nature) and Caido (the God of All) - along with various lesser deities. There is no information on the New Gods that anyone is aware of.

      Praying at shrines In the world you will find a number of shrines. Some are dedicated to a specific god, others merely appear to be altars. Your characters are free to pray at these shrines. Whether or not a god will reply is based on your luck stat, your racial modifier, and any other character-related modifiers you might have (such as items, previous relationships with the gods, etc). Keep in mind that your racial modifier plays a significant role in whether or not you will be answered! Remember that Attuned are more likely to receive a reply from the Old Gods, Ascended are more likely to receive a reply from the New Gods, Accepted are more likely to receive a reply from both, and Abandoned always pray at a disadvantage.

      Keep in mind the Old Gods and the New Gods are not the only ones who might answer a prayer! Pray at your own risk!

      Using a God-quest pass or God-talk pass always guarantees a response from your intended god.

      You may only pray at a shrine twice a season, if the thread is not specifically intended to satisfy levelling requirements (this is subject to admin discretion). Keep in mind that communing with the gods should be looked upon reverently, and is not something which should be abused. Your original prayer thread must be completed before praying again. Failure to do so or repeated abuse of shrines will result in IC consequences for your characters! Threads must be completed and there must be a one-week break between shrine threads.

    Character Stats
    Your character begins with 4 basic stats that you can add points to: Endurance, Strength, Luck, and Dexterity. Currently each stat has an upper limit of 30*. You will notice that common stats such as wisdom, intelligence, and charisma are missing from this list. This is where your writing comes into play!

    When you join with a new character, you have 35 points to distribute however you see fit. Though take note of the ranges below! While it might be tempting for one of the Abandoned to dump all of their points into endurance for maximum spell casting, that would mean that your character is so feeble they can hardly move!

    Training: Twice a season characters may train to increase their stats. A training thread must use the [training] prefix, must include one other character (not belonging to you), and must have 4 attack/defense posts each. Regardless of who the 'winner' is, both participants will receive +1 stat points to be distributed to either strength, dexterity, or endurance. Although threads do not have to be finished in the same season in which they are started, the stat point accumulation applies to the season in which they were started.

    * Once all four stats have reached 30, you may then increase your stats above the limit resulting in feats of superhuman strength, dexterity, and endurance.


    Your character's strength score is a measure of raw physical strength.

    1-3: Knocked off balance by swinging something dense, very weak
    3-5: Difficulty pushing an object of their weight
    6-7: Has trouble even lifting heavy objects
    8-11: Can literally pull their own weight
    12-13: Carries heavy objects for short distances
    14-15: Can throw small objects for long distances
    16-17: Carries heavy objects with one arm
    18-20: Can sprint with small to medium sized objects
    21-22: Can break objects like wood with bare hands
    23-24: Able to out-wrestle a work animal or catch a falling person
    25-27: Can pull very heavy objects at appreciable speeds
    25-28: Can throw heavy objects for long distances
    29-30: Pinnacle of brawn, able to out-lift several people


    Dexterity is a measure of your character's agility.

    1: Barely mobile, probably significantly paralyzed
    2-3: Incapable of moving without noticeable effort or pain
    4-7: Significantly klutzy or very slow to react
    8-9: Somewhat slow, occasionally trips over own feet
    10-11: Capable of usually catching a small tossed object
    12-13: Able to often hit large targets
    14-15: Can catch or dodge a medium-speed surprise projectile
    16-17: Able to often hit small targets
    18-19: Light on feet, able to often hit small moving targets
    20-21: Graceful, able to flow from one action into another easily
    22-23: Very graceful, capable of dodging a number of thrown objects
    24-25: Moves like water, reacting to all situations with almost no effort
    26-28: Can move nearly soundlessly, avoiding almost all obstacles
    29-30: Is almost never physically-upset by the environment


    Endurance is a measurement of the duration with which tasks can be performed. For the Abandoned this stat crucially measures their spell-casting abilities. For all other races it is a measurement of how long specific feats can be performed.

    1: Minimal immune system, body reacts violently to anything foreign. Abandoned cannot maintain a spell for more than a few seconds.
    2-3: Is winded by walking up stairs
    4-5: Bruises very easily, knocked out by a light punch
    6-7: Unusually prone to disease and infection
    8-9: Easily winded, incapable of a full day’s hard labor
    10-11: Occasionally contracts mild sicknesses. Abandoned can maintain simple spells for minutes at a time.
    12-13: Can take a few hits before being knocked unconscious
    14-15: Able to labor for twelve hours most days. Abandoned can perform single spells for a duration of less than an hour.
    16-17: Easily shrugs off most illnesses
    18-19: Can pull an all-nighter with minimal adverse effects
    20-21: Very difficult to wear down, almost never feels fatigue. Abandoned can perform multiple spells for a duration of less than an hour.
    22-23: Never gets sick, even to the most virulent diseases
    24-25: Can take a considerable number of hits before being knocked unconscious. Abandoned can perform complex magics for an hour, or single magics for more than an hour.
    26-28: Able to stay awake for days on end
    28-30: Tireless paragon of physical endurance. Abandoned can almost limitlessly cast spells.


    Your character's luck stat is taken into account during god interactions, during Key Quests and during Random Event encounters. The higher your luck stat, the more likely you will find yourself in favourable situations!

    Character Companions
    Occasionally characters can bond with wild animals! These bonds are often forged out of a need on behalf of the character or the companion. For example, a pack-less wolf might want to bond with a character for companionship. Companions can be gained by using your Merit Points to buy one, can be earned IC during a Random Event encounter, can be quested for, or can be gifted to you by a god!

    You may be bonded to three companions at any one time. However you may only have one mythical companion.

    All characters are capable of bonding to regular companions (any 'regular' species that is not mythical or magical): Dogs, cats, wolves, birds, etc. The bond comes with a number of benefits but also drawbacks. The companion and the 'bonded' share a very weak telepathy. They cannot communicate via words but can instead sense each other's feelings and project vague images into the other's mind. Due to the magic of the bond however, companions are always stunted. Regardless of species, they will be no more than the size of a medium-sized dog (any species that are naturally smaller than this will remain their regular size). Because of the bond existing between your character and its companion, the sense of loss if a companion dies is deeply wounding, and both companion/bonded can feel each other's pain to an extent. Each character may have a maximum of THREE companions at a time.

    Non Race-Specific Companions

    Anyone is capable of bonding to these mythical creatures. These are rare and hard to come by.
      Luxere: Luxere are mythical deer. As companions, they are at most the size of a large dog (yours can be smaller if you like). They have antlers that glow and are naturally resistant to dark magic and provide this benefit to any who are touching them.
      Starwhale: Starwhales are mythical whales. As companions, they are at most the size of a large dog (yours can be smaller if you like). They seem to swim in invisible waters around you, and have the ability to throw stars of light within 10ft to light up an area. All those within their aura feel a sense of calm.

    Race-Specific Companions

    Each race is capable of bonding to a racially-specific companion. These are much more rare and hard to come by.
    • Accepted: The Accepted have the ability to bond to dragons. These dragons are at most the size of a large dog (yours may be smaller if you like) and can take whatever shape/design you like (oriental, wyvern, etc). Dragons also have the ability to breathe one of the following: fire, ice, electricity, or blasts of air.
    • Abandoned: The Abandoned have the ability to bond to unicorns. Unicorns are the only full-sized companions which exist. They can appear with horns of varying shapes/sizes, with cloven or hooved feet in any colour. Unicorns also have the ability to EITHER move with exceptional speed OR their horns have minor healing abilities.
    • Attuned: The Attuned have the ability to bond to griffins/chimera. These companions are at most the size of a large dog (yours may be smaller if you like) and can be the conjunction of whatever animals you like. These companions also have the ability to EITHER breathe fire OR are venomous.
    • Ascended: The Ascended have the ability to bond to gremlins. These companions are at most 2 feet tall (yours may be smaller if you like). Gremlins also have the ability to EITHER make small objects temporarily disappear OR can weakly disrupt magnetic/electrical fields.
    • Hybrid: Hybrids have the ability to bond to perytons. These companions are at most the size of a large dog (yours may be smaller if you like), and have the body of a deer and the wings of a bird. These companions have the ability to blend completely into their environments when they remain still.
    • Fae: The Fae have the ability to bond to spriggans. These companions are a tiny, sprite like creature that can stand in the palm of a hand, a spriggan is a very fortunate companion to have indeed. Increasing their owners' luck by +5 when they are present, they appear as small, winged humanoids suffused with a bright and colourful glow. They are capable of acting as a light source, and are often associated with one of the four elements - fire, water, earth or air (the light they emit may correspond to their chosen element).

    Merit Points
    Merit Points is a system whereby your actions OOC and IC can earn you IC rewards. Below you will find a list of actions and their MP value, and what that can be traded for. This list is constantly subject to change! If you see something that you would like to suggest, please contact an admin!

    To redeem your MP, please PM the Court Official account and provide link-evidence for all of your line-items. Given how update-intensive this process can be, please only submit your MP when you are ready to use it, or in bundles of +50.

    Earning Merit Points

      5 | Send a welcome PM to a new member! (screenshot it to show us!)
      5 | Thread with a new member within a week of them joining!
      5 | Replying to open threads
      5 | Making an open thread
      5 | Teach another character something in which you are proficient (loremasters can teach about the lore, naturals could teach about history, a hunter could teach about tracking, etc)
      5 | Being in a thread with the Random Event account (you must have at least 3 posts and the RE must post 3 times)
      5 | Join a guild
      10 | Winning a drop
      10 | Submit an idea for new flora/fauna that gets used
      10 | Participating in a thread marked [SITE WIDE EVENT]
      10 | Leveling up your character (ascendeds who level recieve a bonus 30 MP - temporary, subject to change)
      10+ | Killing your character (must die in a thread with at least 2 posts from you). You receive a minimum of 10MP OR .5x(post count)for the character who has died (whichever is higher). (so a character with 100 posts would receive 50 MP. A character with 5 postsd would receive 10MP)
      10 | Killing a character (must die in a thread with at least 2 posts from you)
      10 | Creating a new character
      10 | Completing all parts of a seasonal event
      15 | Being on the site for 1 month (... all the way to 6 months)
      15 | Hosting a Personal Quest
      15 | One-on-one thread with a god
      20 | Being in a Key Quest
      20 | Complete a quest given by a god
      20 | Win QoTM
      20 | Win ToTM
      20 | Start an organization
      20 | Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 4 pages
      20 | For every 200 posts
      35| Significantly change the landscape or make a new board (usually requires admin approval)
      50 | Your character survived an IC year!
      60 | Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 8 pages
      80 | Post in all 12 boards of the Greatwood
      100 | Post in all 17 boards of the The Hollowed Grounds
      100 | Become a leader
      100 | For creating an ascended (temporary, subject to change)
      100 | Reaching level 5 with an ascended (temporary, subject to change)
      180 | Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 12 pages
      200 | For every 1000 posts
      200 | Win CotS

    Spending Merit Points

      150 = Extra shrine/god/drop related roll or name addition
      300 = Receive secret information about the world or a plot
      375 = Receive a character companion (non-mythical)
      400 = Receive a low-level magical item
      400 = Receive +4 stats
      450 = Receive a quest from a god
      500 = Receive an animal-shift (Attuned only)
      500 = Receive a custom upgrade (Ascended only)
      500 = Receive a custom item (Accepted only)
      500 = Receive a new magic or magic upgrade (Abandoned or Demi-god only)
      600 = Receive a custom magic (Abandoned only)
      600 = Receive a non race-specific character companion
      600 = Receive a race-specific character companion
      650 = Receive a passive magic (Abandoned or Demi-god only)
      700 = Receive a hybrid pass
      1500 = Play a demigod

    The Merit Point is an adaptation of the Honor Point system created by Lyla and Eloell on The Wall.

    NPC Account
    The NPC account can be utilized for NPC interactions that are not appropriate to write from your own account. Passing by a merchant and bantering for one post in a thread is acceptable, but having a multi-post fight with someone is not. You can also use the NPC account for write out random animal attacks, to add background setting/flavour, or otherwise help set the stage for your thread.

    The NPC account can be accessed by anyone (please do not send PMs from this account for this reason)

      Account Name: NPC
      Password: NPCaccount1