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I'm looking for salvation - Rory - 06-25-2019

It was dark outside, or at least, as dark as it got during the end of Longheat. Thin, gauzy clouds blew across a brilliant night sky—so bright, lit with infinite stars, and as Rory stood before the Shrine with his head tilted back he knew that he had been .. wrong. What they had had within the barrier had been a half-life, slowly draining and dying, a world that lacked vibrancy and a sky that was muted.

But it had been the only thing he had known. It had been his home and he had loved it fiercely, and he had defended it fiercely, and then...

And then he had seen the night sky for what it truly was.

Rory was a creature of sunlight, not starlight, but it took his breath away. He never tired of staring at the vibrant leaves of the Greatwood (though he knew disease was spreading in the forest), or watching the play of sunlight over the perfect, healthy copper of a squirrel's fur as it hesitantly crossed the border between the two worlds.

Sighing, he looked down from the skies again and stepped into the circles. Crying over how beautiful the world was wasn't what he was at the Shrine to do.

Things were changing and he needed to change along with them.

Questions needed to be answered, and he could not find the answers among mortals. He had tried.

So he knelt down in front of a rock, placing two objects upon it: one was a candle, unlit, the other a small horse sewn from supple leather and stuffed with goat's hair. Closing his eyes, he reached into his fire pouch, and pulled out the Spark Bird's feather. (Abandoned.) Just held it in his hands for a while. (Destined.) Listened to the hiss and drip of sparks. (A fancy label wouldn't change his relationship with the Gods.)

Finally he opened his eyes again and touched the feather to the candle's wick before returning it to where it could do no harm.

One star on the ground, a pale imitation, not enough to rival the brilliance of the sky above.

[say]"Ludo, please,"[/say] he whispered into the night, [say]"there are things I would like to ask you."[/say]

RE: I'm looking for salvation - Random Event - 06-25-2019

The night is still and silent, and the stars peep down upon the leatherworker who comes to pay homage to the Old Gods and their heralds. But there is no answer from the ragged god in the porcelain mask, not tonight. The world is large, as the blanket of stars shows, and the glade remains tranquil and undisturbed.

A sweet, warm breeze would ruffle through Rory's hair, enveloping him in the fragrant life that bloomed throughout the Glade. No sickness in the trees. Not here, at least. Not yet.

RE: I'm looking for salvation - Rory - 06-25-2019


Destined to be ignored; alone, apart.

Had he expected something else? Had he expected Ludo to whisk into existence, just because he asked? Just because he needed something—closure? And guidance. Greed. He ran his tongue along the back of his teeth, tasting the fire in his soul.

Did his justification, his reasons, matter? Did anything matter?

He closed his eyes and sat in silence, listening to the world around him, breathing in the cool, sweet scent of a summer night. He had always been forced to find his own way, to make his own life, and even now when he tentatively reached out to the Gods again did they not answer.

So he was still alone, still had to find his own way.


When the sun's first rays began to poke over the horizon Rory got up and left his silent vigil behind. He would ask again some other time, but he did not expect an answer, because he had never received one before.