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{SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Evie - 12-04-2019

For all their years of chiding Evie for her silt-stained hands and darkened nails, one thing that her parents had never broken her of was getting her hands dirty. Normally this means she's playing in flowerpots or ripping up weeds in her garden. Normal things for an apothecarist, if still exasperating to her straight-laced birthing units. Though Evie has learned over nearly three decades of living in Caido that normal? Yeah that's not really a thing.

But memory mud? Apparently that is.

So Evie does what Evie does best when away from the hawklike gaze of her parents - she breaks rules. Self-imposed really, but it makes her feel rebellious. Shooing away the mud back to the watery shores, making faces att the way it clings to her boots and hands when she begins lifting it and hauling it away. It's harmless, but she probably needs to clear it out anyway if only to ensure the vegetation beneath has a fighting chance to reclaim its territory before Longheat.

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Amalia - 12-05-2019

The memory mud has been difficult to manage, but Amalia is slowly beginning to get a handle on shooing it out of inappropriate places. Today that place is the shore around the Oasis, where she has gone to collect slender cattails to use as decoration for Fiat Lux. The baker has countless fond memories of games involving the wispy reeds and their multitude of uses, including basket weaving, makeshift sword fights, and of course, making medicines with her mother and Rishima's young protege.

She hasn't seen as much of Evie as she would like, as she yearns. Things have been different between them for too long, ever since her mother died and the world began to change, but lately the girl has been aching for a chance to truly reconnect with her childhood friend.

So of course she cannot help the pattering excitement in her chest at the appearance of a shock of red hair among the trees, always recognizable, as dear to her as kin. Dark eyes widen in thrilled surprise at the sight of Evie across the pond; for a moment she nearly drops her armful of reeds, but then another idea sweeps through her mind, a little more playful a little more fun. From the other side of the water, the girl calls out, her voice carrying merrily in the crisp Flowerbirth air. [say]"Want to see a magic trick?"[/say] Amalia's angular face is awash with merriment, her grin bewitching beneath dark eyes.

It's a call back to when they both were younger and the girl would beg her older sister to show her little spells, fascinated and a little jealous of the hidden abilities the redhead held. Show me a little magic, Evie, please please please! Now the baker is the one with new tricks, and she cannot wait to show them to her friend, to demonstrate the evidence of how much she has grown.

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Evie - 12-12-2019

The shores of the water have become a more popular destination with the arrival of spring. It's not uncommon to see other individuals wandering about, going about their daily tasks alone with no more than a nod of hello her way or perhaps an averted gaze to translate a wish for solitude. Not to say it isn't uncommon for fate to pull her strings, throw old friends - sisters - onto the same paths to make them cross and bring about a timely reunion. Evie lifts her head at the call, smiles bright and immediate upon recognizing the woman across the shore, and drops her current little armful of mud.

[Say]"Who do you take me for? Of course I do!"[/say] She cries it back across the water with a bright grin, relieved to see Amalia well and much more cheerful than she'd been at the forum when Wessex had stepped down. LongNight has not been the only trial as of late for the pair of them, and Evie - if she were one to still pray - would send her thanks that they've both made it through unscathed. That her beloved sister is still capable of smiling even now.

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Amalia - 12-16-2019

The ease of it is infectious; Amalia's grin broadens in response, her dark eyes glittering with a childish happiness as her sister calls from across the pond. There has been far too much darkness of late to let it into this moment they share, and the starwhale light that fills the clearing illuminates Amalia's tawny skin as she draws her feet out from her shoes. Setting them gently upon the shore, she turns back to the red haired woman, her toes squishing into the copious mud. [say]"Ready?"[/say] she calls, alive and emboldened--

And leaps.

For a moment it looks as though she may fly, clear the pond in an arc of grace and land beside the other girl. But no- Amalia falls as surely as she rises, feet crashing down and down, the inevitable splash and dousing of water ticking nearer with every heartbeat--

--Until it doesn't come.

Instead the graceful girl lands on the surface of the water, a small cloud of steam appearing beneath the cloven hooves at the bottom of qilin legs. Like a slender satyr she stands on the surface, striding toward her childhood friend. The grin that marks her face is infectious; as she nears the side where Evie stands it only seems to grow. [say]"Ta-da,"[/say] she murmurs, low and excited, a little bashful at her own pride. Spinning around, Amalia extends her arms, letting harmless fire dance over silver-scaled limbs. [say]"What do you think?"[/say]

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Evie - 12-24-2019

[say]"Of course!"[/say] She cries excitedly across the water, feeling the electric flow of girlish delight between them even at a distance. A sensation she knows will never truly fade, no matter how often they see one another. Cobalt eyes pay close attention to Amalia as she leaps in a wide arc, breath rising in her throat with anticipation, only do her gaze ro blow wide and her mouth to part incredulously as Amalia lands on the water as if it were solid ground. Legs transformed into animalistic ones of a shade and type she has never seen, steam concealing cloven hooves. Shouting wordlessly in delight she jumps in place, thrilled by this new talent, celebrating on behalf of her sister's accomplishments.

Closer she draws, her sheepish smile only further endearing as Evie sweeps to the edge of the lake to stare wide-eyed at the changes in Amalia's body. Stumbling back in surprise as flames suddenly spring to life on tawny skin, casting dancing shadows on a face she knows as well as her own. [Say]"You're like a star in your own right,"[/say] she gushes softly, awash with love and pride for the younger woman. [Say]"It's amazing, when did this happen?"[/say]

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Amalia - 12-26-2019

Amalia's sheepish smile only grows at Evie's thrilled surprise, the Shield letting her pride in herself show in a rare moment of comfort and confidence. Striding daintily across the pond, she quickly closes the gap between herself and the older woman, half-leaping like a child from the surface of the water to stand, beaming, next to Evie. [say]"Just before LongNight,"[/say] the baker answers somewhat bashfully, a crooked smile beneath her flushed cheeks. [say]"Safrin- she showed it to me. That it was me."[/say]

But this is not her final trick, or even the one she most wanted to share. Suddenly Amalia grabs Evie's hands, her face awash with hope and affection as she meets the redhead's blue eyes with her own dark ones. [say]"Do you want to walk on water, too?"[/say] she asks the apothecary breathlessly. [say]"I...I could carry you, if you wanted. On my back. Fully shifted."[/say] I am strong enough to hold you, now.

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Evie - 12-27-2019

Though she will never begrudge Amalia for it, her heart always aches when the Shield mentions her benefactor. Even so her smile is warm and sincere, for Amalia if nothing else. Radiantly happy for the baker who had come from such humble roots to this stunning, iridescent woman finding that there is so much room for her bright spirit to continue growing. [say]"It is you silly girl. It's amazing."[/say]

Her hands are grasped by Amalia, strong and sure from years of working dough, and Evie squeezes them instinctively in return. The offer takes her off guard, but there's no question as to her answer. How could she turn down such an opportunity? Blue eyes are wide above her gleaming smile. [say]"I...yes. Yes, I would love that."[/say] She can almost hear the words left unsaid, and her eyes are perhaps a bit too wet, but she smiles and smiles and smiles because there is still good in the world. Amalia is growing ever stronger, and Evie may always see her as a young girl at her hip, but it's apparent that the baker does not need her anymore. That she can stand - and lift Evie alongside her - with her own power. It's a bittersweet victory.

RE: {SE} given half a chance, would we take it back - Amalia - 12-30-2019

She does not catch the ache in Evie's eyes, too excited by her own accomplishments and the joy of showing them off to someone she loves so dearly. With a vibrant grin she sweeps the redhead into a swift and fervent hug, her slender arms wrapping around the slightly shorter woman in a moment of overwhelming adoration before she pulls away.

And then, the transformation. It is a quick thing, nothing flashy: one moment a girl stand before her friend, the next a qilin has taken its place, kneeling on the ground. Amalia presses her lips to Evie in a playful, exhaled kiss, giving the other woman all the time she needs to settle onto her waiting back. [say]Ready?[/say] she asks instinctively, before realizing with a pang that of course the other cannot hear her.

That at the end of the day she is still Abandoned, and cannot share her mind.

Swallowing the shadows that threaten her sunshine, Amalia shakes her bi-horned head. It doesn't matter that she is Abandoned, that Sam is her brother, that they are different: they are family, and Amalia will never let her sister fall. Slowly, steadily, she rises up, feeling for Evie's steadiness on her back, making sure to move her body in a way that keeps the woman settled.

Then she sets off at a smooth, loping walk, chasing an errant patch of mud away from the edge of the pristine pond.