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[se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-12-2020

The basket had rested in the corner, practically taunting Amun. Although he’d done his best to ignore it, it was hard given that he couldn’t work, so he was just sitting on his cot, staring around at the studio. Finally, he sighed, and grabbed his cloak. Then he’d wrapped the cloak around his body, grabbed his weird patch, and tucked the basket under his arm.

Slipping out of the studio, he closed the door quietly behind him. Then he walked very slowly through the streets, heading towards the ruins. He found a shady building, half-collapsed, where no one was visible, and shucked off his cloak. Then he moved until the sun was just visible, but he was still in shadow. Leaning against a convenient piece of nearby rubble, he considered the light streaming into his little hidey-hole. Basket still tucked into the crook of his arm, he rubbed his prosthetic absentmindedly.


RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-13-2020

If she were in Amun’s place, she would probably be grumpy too.

The summer sun sucks. Lacking a hand (and for a potter, this seems like a big deal). Goddess won’t answer cause they’ve been slacking on the shrine and it’s not actually personal. Probably. and like, shit’s getting weird around Caido.

Wessex isn’t really looking for anyone to hang out with at the moment, so it’s totally plausible that she doesn’t notice Amun in his hidey hole. In fact, maybe she, too, is seeking some solitude and self-indulgent ‘me time.’ A lot has happened. A lot more will happen… they’re so close to Torchline and everything lately makes her think they should just evacuate everyone from the Hollowed Ground and move them… somewhere else. Not to Halo, their thin skins weren’t made for such frigid temperatures. Could they withstand an even harsher environment? Maybe, well, maybe to Torchline. Wherever that is. Despite whomever already lives there.

Appearing in the Ruins, Wessex very quietly finds an equally shaded place not too far from Amun and sits, leaning back against the rock with her eyes closed.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-13-2020

A flash of movement caught the corner of Amun’s eye. Turning his head, and just his head, he stared at Wessex, who’d seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Then again, the Wraith could teleport, so maybe it wasn’t that surprising.

For a long moment, he said nothing, just stood in his hiding spot and regarded the former queen. Finally, he sighed, the sound softer than the wind whistling across the stones. [say]"Hello Wessex."[/say] His voice was pitched just loud enough for her to hear it in her own shady spot.

Turning, he looked at the crack through which the sun was visible once more. He didn't bother to move, or stir from his spot. In fact, he didn't bother to breathe, or blink, or any of those things normal people did. He just stayed there, motionless. In that moment, he was more statue than man, as stoney and broken as the Ruins themselves.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-15-2020

A voice pierces her own droll reveries, immediately recognized but unusual in its method and tone.Wessex, he calls her.

Amun has never called her that. Not since the first time they met.

No ‘Princess,’ no jokes, no nothing. She frowns, feeling like something must be off without even seeing the man. She’ll be the first to admit that she can be a dick with him sometimes: dismissive, underestimating, condescending… more or less stemming from what she sees as a reckless approach to life in a world that can be exceedingly dangerous. But he shows up, which is more than she can say for others. So this - whatever it may be - deserves her attention.

[say] “What’s wrong, Amun?”[/say] Rising from her spot, Wessex tilts her head to listen, trying to suss out exactly where the other Ascended is talking to her from.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-15-2020

At the question from Wessex, Amun stilled for a long moment. Finally, he padded over to the entrance to his particular spot, though he made no move to exit it, and he steered clear of the rays of sun that poked through the cracks. Basket still tucked in the crook of his left arm, he waved the metal prosthetic where the demi-god could clearly see it.

Then the potter dropped it to his side and stared at her. [say]"What do you need?"[/say] His words were quiet, and stilled lacked pretty much any inflection. Standing there, he waited patiently for her to speak further. He was almost entirely motionless, not even bothering to breathe or to lean against the stone, nothing casual about his expression or his posture.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-15-2020

It takes a moment, but she hears movement, the sound of footsteps, and then something shiny catches her attention. Turning to face the hidey hole, her brow furrows when a metal hand sticks out of a smaller opening and beckons to her. Okay…

Walking over to the entrance,  Wessex bends down and enters the space, carefully avoiding the light as well. What does she need? Nothing, at the moment. Her needs can come in a bit. The Wraith looks from Amun to his metal hand and then back again.[say] “When did this happen? And why?”[/say] she asks quietly, unsure if he’s encountered anything since the Temple fell or if this was a casualty and she was… a bit preoccupied with everything else to notice. If it’s from the Temple, she’s more than a little confused. There was a unicorn. And a master healer. And a staff. Surely one of those things should have worked.

And better yet, if he was so sorely injured, why cut off his own hand instead of seeking medical attention?

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-15-2020

As Wessex entered the space, Amun stepped back until he was pressed against a wall, giving her room. He didn’t answer her question for a long time. [say]”It got entirely crushed at Fiat Lux. I was on my way to pray for healing at the Temple when...well. You know.”[/say] He lifted his prosthetic again and stared at it. [say]”That probably made it worse. Who knows.”[/say] Dropping it, he shifted his gaze to stare out one of the cracks.

[say]”The staff didn’t work on it, and neither did time. Once it became clear that it wasn't healing at all, I went to Deimos. He cut it off, his unicorn healed it, and he made me a prosthetic."[/say] He flicked his eyes back at her.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-17-2020

Ah, yes, they were pretty preoccupied with the starbolts and the blasting and the ceilings and wall falling down. Her brows furrows even more.[say] “I don’t understand… you cut it off, then healed it? Instead of just having Zuriel heal it in the first place? Was it beyond her power?”[/say] She can’t think of any other reason to chop a hand off - especially when a hand is something so integral to what he does. Her eyes flicker to the basket he’s holding and wonder if he’s here to do some sun catching or whatever - if he is, he’s doing a shit job of it in the hole. But you know, one criticism at a time.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-17-2020

At Wessex's confusion, Amun shook his head. [say]”Zuriel healed the stump after Deimos cut off the hand. Amalia’s staff didn’t work on the injury before, so I figured it was beyond healing magic. I gave it a bit more time, and I only sought him out when it was clear it wasn’t healing with time either.”[/say] Taking out his patch, he laid it over his left palm. He held it up so she could see. Then he commanded it to look like the right hand had appeared after the damage.

Crushed, mangled, damaged beyond repair.

His eyes suddenly looked old. Ancient, really, much older than his physical appearance would suggest. Then again, he was older than his physical appearance would suggest, and not just because he was Ascended. Older than Wessex, even. [say]”You see a lot of things out on the ocean, exploring. And you can’t always afford to wait for a doctor. So you pick up some odds and ends.”[/say] He turned to stare at her. [say]”Like how to tell when a limb is salvageable, and when it’s not.”[/say]

Then he shifted it back to his normal skin. Reaching out of his hiding spot, he stuck his hand directly in the path ray of sunlight. With a thought, he told his hand to shine, and when he brought it back into the hole, it was glowing softly.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-21-2020

For once, Wessex simply listens to Amun and nods every now and then. There’s nothing to be done about it now - only their divine mother could fix it (and indeed, she would).[say] “I didn’t know you sailed the ocean,”[/say] she says softly, once again thinking that so many of them have done so much than she has. Her eyes get a bit of a far-away look as she tries to imagine an expanse of water as big as an ‘ocean’ - knowing what it is, in theory, but having real to compare it to.[say] “Maybe you can finally teach me something, hmmm?”[/say]

A bit of deprecating humor and they’re nearly back to their old ways.

Then he does something with his metal hand and a swatch of some tech, causing Wessex to tilt her head with interest. Well. It’s intriguing but when would it be useful? Her gaze flits from his softly glowing hand to the basket in his other hand, then she holds up a finger to indicate that she’ll be right back, and then she disappears, reappearing no more than a minute later with her own basket.

[say] “There,”[/say] she says, holding her basket out and gesturing for him to do the same.[say] “We’ve caught the sun.”[/say]

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Amun - 01-22-2020

At Wessex's response, Amun looked at her a bit warily. [say]”For thirty years, give or take.”[/say] The words were soft and uncertain. When she continued on with something resembling a joke, he just shrugged, not really in a humorous mood. [say]”If I survive long enough to make it to Torchline, maybe.”[/say] Again, he was uncertain, but there was also a weird longing in his voice.

As she left and then returned with her own basket, he briefly dipped his glowing hand into first hers, then his. Then he dimmed it until it had faded completely, leaving plain skin behind. [say]"That we have, what little good it will do us."[/say] Tucking his basket back under his arm, he glanced over at her. [say]"If you don't need me for anything, I suppose I should be going."[/say] With that, he began to make his way out from his little hiding spot.

RE: [se] seen all my dreams disappear - Wessex - 01-26-2020

Wessex snorts softly.[say] “If you think either the Voice or myself are going to let you die any time soon, you’re dumber than I thought.”[/say] Shaking her head in dismay, she sits back against her wall of the hole and makes herself as small as possible to give him room to move. Another shake of her head indicates that she doesn’t need him for anything and he is free to go. Once he exits his hiding spot, she follows, feeling rather foolish for the whole ‘capture the sun’ thing. Oh well. No one’s perfect.