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rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-28-2020

Truth be told, Milo’s never really done this date thing. It’s always just been flings here and there, nothing quite official like he’s heard so many others talk about. But to him, Aurelia is different, and even if it wasn’t something official they wanted to put a name to, it felt different to him. So he decides to go all out, for the most part, choosing one of his favorite places within Torchline to show her.

He’s dressed relatively nicely all things considered, fiery hair tamed, quite sober as well, having packed a bag full of food and snacks, treats and drinks, blankets, much like she had done when she’d woken him up that day on the beach. He doesn’t know what she likes, so he brings a variety, slung in the pack over his shoulder, a smooth scarlet red shirt worn with sleeves that cover his tattoos, and a thin jacket sported on top of it. It’s almost Deepfrost, after all, and for someone unused to any other wildly ranged temperatures, he gets cold a bit easier with the dip in temperature.

Still, he finds her on the beach nearby the docks to the Ark, slipping up beside her and hoping he’s gone unnoticed until he can nudge her in the side with an elbow. “[say]Aye ‘Relia.[/say]” He begins, flashing a playful grin. “[say]I got somethin’ t’show ya. Got some time t’sneak away?[/say]” He asks, positive she does since he knows the Ark isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and he trots off quite easily in the direction of the Hale Ka’aila.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 12-28-2020

The Ark may not be up to much these days, what with plans being foiled by giant whales, but that doesn't mean Aurelia's been sitting with her thumbs up her ass. At least, not all the time. Milo will find her less well-dressed, practicing her kicks against the wind, keeping her martial skills sharp in spite of the lack of activity. Well, even then, she had run into a bit of trouble with that guy on the street that tried to steal her knife. Plus, Ray had proven to be a tough sparring partner, and Aurelia detested that she'd been so shit. It also didn't help that she was weakened by a curse before she'd arrived, and now she had to deal with this new information that she was also an Abandoned.

Then there were the Wilds, which she had intention of exploring every inch of, regardless of everything else. Eventually, eventually, Aurelia, she quelled her determination from her mind, channeling it into a swift side-step. Poised, she pulled back just as she heard someone's quiet approach. For the most part, she ignored it, thinking it just a random passerby - of which there were always plenty of on the beach.

Furrowing her brows and relaxing her jaw, she refocused with a centering breath. Balanced, her right leg locked up in a straight line. Lifting up her left thigh into a kick, her adjacent hand swung out for balance as her foot shot up from the knee down. Like a rubber-band, she brought it back. She side-stepped again and repeated the motion but, faster and harder and swifter, a grunt escaping her lungs.

Pausing to examine any faults in her form, it was then that she felt the nudge against her side and a familiar voice cleared the air. She was only slightly startled, raising her brows and turning her head to look at him, subsequently dropping her stance. [say]"Milo!"[/say]

As for Aurelia, her hair was down, she had on a dark green, long-sleeved shirt with a string that tied the neckline closed. This was complimented by loose, billowy khaki-brown harem pants that cut off around her calf. This had come as a bit of a surprise to her, so she didn't look quite the part that Milo did.

[say]"Well, don't you look nice!"[/say] She grinned back, glancing at the bag he carried. [say]"What's...?"[/say]

But he was already explaining how he wanted to show her something, and she was already following him as he trotted down the beach. She jogged after him, - barefoot, by the way - catching up with ease. [say]"Are you going to give me any hints at where we're going?"[/say] She asked, peering at him with inquisitive eyes. Everything aside, she was more than happy just to go with him, but she did have to admit she was a... little curious.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-28-2020

She almost appears to ignore him while she practices, but he waits easily, a mix of admiring her form and watching just how she planned on kicking his ass should things go south. But after she’s paused, to examine and study what she may have done wrong, Milo’s already nudging her, spying that fierce determination in her gaze before it drops away at the sight of him. And well, that certainly warms him a decent amount.

He flashes her a bright grin in response.

His gaze scans her, spying the way her hair flows around her face, the billowy clothes that she wears that he finds suit her in a different way than he remembers from before, taking the compliment she gives him with a playful bow in return. “[say]I do, don’ i?[/say]” He teases, before explaining his plan – at least… Vague enough to get her to follow, already starting the trek with a crooked smile shot over his shoulder to her as she jogs to catch up.

Of course, he slows his pace just a bit so she can stay beside him, shifting the bag on his shoulder. “[say]Mm, I ‘spose I could.[/say]” He says, making a show of thinking it over, lips pursing, the briefest hint of orange stubble illuminated on his cheeks and chin before his honeyed gaze drifts back to her. “[say]We’re goin’ to Hale Ka’aila. Y’only get t’go a couple’a times a day ‘cause of the tide. ‘ts one’a my favorites, though. Dunno if ya’ve seen it.[/say]” He shrugs, casual as an be even if he’s anything but casual internally.

He guides them to the sandbar that’s been revealed, stepping along deeper into it until the ocean laps on either side of the path they take. “[say]I think yer gonna like it though. ‘ts best ‘round sunset ‘r durin’ the night.[/say]” Because of the coral cathedral, a perfect space for two people to sit and enjoy one another. A perfect place for a date, even if they weren’t calling it that. “[say]Did I interrupt yer practicin’?[/say]”

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 12-28-2020

He slowed down but, it was no problem for her. At least in her time since coming to Caido, she had improved on her physical capabilities a bit. She could keep up. Although she did veer a little closer to the water's edge, her feet willingly dipping into the wet sand as the tide swept up around them. She enjoyed the cool feeling from it that counteracted the heat built up from her practice.

Focusing on Milo, she listened attentively, eyes hardly leaving him. He dwelled on his answer, almost as if he wasn't going to let her in on anything until they got there. [say]"Mhmm,"[/say] A small, knowing smile pressed along her lips, her eyes reaching down along his jacket again. She quite liked him like this, even if it made her miss the dishevelled look she'd left him with before. But her gaze lifted back up as he explained further.

She took in the view of the ocean, thinking about his words, trying to imagine a place like that, or if she'd seen it since she arrived. She shook her head, [say]"No, I haven't been anywhere like that before."[/say] Green eyes darted back over to him, eyeing his cool demeanor. For a moment, she saw through it, moving closer to bump her shoulder against his, but she was wondering more about where they were headed now.

What he described seemed mysterious and phenomenal and she was quite invested now. As they reached the sandbar, she came to a halt and eyed the ocean waves that appeared to have pulled back from the pathway as it reached through the waters.

An unexpected, sinking feeling thudded in her chest. Her eyes widened, suddenly reminded of ghost whales. A thought occurred to her of what might happen if the waves swallowed this path up, leaving them to whatever lurked in the outer ocean. The coastline was different than this; it was safe (well, as far as she was concerned, anyway). The last time she'd gone further than that, it hadn't gone very well. To top that off, she hadn't even brought her knife. She did not feel equipped to handle the situation should something go wrong...

He seemed to press on without hesitation, though. She tried to reason with herself. Why be scared? Spurred on by that and him, she followed, albeit slowly, at first. His question brought her eyes back up to him.

[say]"Yeah,"[/say] she answered rather bluntly without thinking, still distracted, [say]"I mean, no. Well, you did! But..."[/say] she raised her brows and looked away, flustered, [say]"it's fine. Really."[/say] She swallowed a knot that left her with an uncomfortable feeling in the back of her throat. [say]"I practice every day. Seren always made me. A break from it is... probably what I need."[/say] She didn't quite realize she'd brought up Seren, though; the words just came easy because that had been her life.

[say]"So can you really only use this path at certain times?"[/say] She asked, sounding more nervous than she would've liked, glancing back the way they'd come.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-28-2020

Ah, so he has picked it well, then. A little beautiful piece of a place for respite for him, perhaps one that might become one for her too. Or… Not, as she pauses and his attention slips back toward her, his bronze gaze flicking along her face to try and determine what the problem was. He’d brought everything he could think of, the idea of the little cathedral something that should be exciting all things considered. And yet, here he was, at a complete loss to her worries.

A brow raises curiously as her eyes meet his, as she answers bluntly and the frustration becomes evident. He tears his gaze away from her to peer down the sandbar, to the makeshift island on the other end awaiting them. “[say]Y’got more determination than me.[/say]” He offers her, flashing an easier smile her way, hoping to distract her. “[say]Half th’ time I wanna sleep rather than go fer a run. But…[/say]” He forced himself to do it anyway, time and time again, if only to try and remain somewhat in shape.

Her words sound nervous, however, and he slows a bit to wrap an arm around her shoulders should she let him, his head tilting toward her as if he’s about to tell some sort of hidden secret. “[say]When th’ tide’s out, the sandbar appears. We’ll b’ fine though. Once we get t’the other end, there’s a small island. The path should stay fer a while.[/say]” He informs her, hoping that might alleviate her sudden nervousness.

But just in case it helps, he flashes another easy grin. “[say]There’s a place, at th’ end.[/say]” He continues their path through the sandbar, the end in sight – sure she could spy the beautifully constructed coral and seaglass, something that was definitely not natural. But he reaches up with a free hand to pat at the bag on his shoulder. “[say]Big ‘nuff fer two, thought we could have dinner ‘r somethin’.[/say]” His shoulders shrug, but there’s a soft smile that lingers on the corner of his lips.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 12-28-2020

Determination. Right. About that...

Aurelia wasn't sure what else to say in that moment, her brain fogging over with the anxiety that drilled a hole in her mind. She almost didn't understand it, herself; why she suddenly felt this way now of all times, and with Milo of all people.

Maybe it was the part where she was letting her guard down that scared her. Metaphorically speaking, Milo was the sandbar. Or maybe... she was the ocean that would swallow him whole.

Maybe she still couldn't quite shake the old patterns of an old world; to approach everything new with caution. Better safe than sorry, right?

But wasn't the whole point to be different now? To open herself up to this? Was her resolve really that weak?

Milo slowed down to be beside her, reminding her of the decision they'd made together. She relaxed and leaned into him, reaching up to grab the hand that rested around her shoulder and intertwine her fingers with his. [say]"Okay..."[/say] She let out a soft breath, trusting that it would be fine. It might even be better than fine, if she let herself enjoy it.

A crooked smile formed as she met his tilted, honey-brown gaze, [say]"but if we have to swim back, I don't think I can fight a ghost whale, so... I'm gonna have to feed you to 'em. Sorry, that's just how it is."[/say]

He pointed out that there was a place at the end, aside from the island that was already there. It drew her attention, that place at the other end of the sandbar. Her face lifted to take it all in as it appeared, the unnatural phenomenon manifesting before her, outcropped against the tide. For a moment, as the wind picked up, a kind of musical sound resonated toward them. Her brow furrowed at first, not quite understanding what she was seeing or hearing. Gradually, awe replaced the confusion and her mouth gaped, eyes widened.

They neared it and Aurelia slipped out from his arm to move ahead, looking at all the various shades and shapes of coral and seaglass as they melded. It all came together to form a sanctuary, beckoning her to take shelter from the sea, to let go, to give in.

[say]"Milo. This is... wow. What is it?"[/say] One of her hands reached out to explore a part of the structure, to smooth over the glassy surface. Wonder drew her in. She turned back to him, eyeing him with a brighter gaze, pausing to fully appreciate the moment. To engrain this into her memories; the way he looked, the clothes he was wearing, the beautiful cathedral of the sea, the entire gesture and sentiment of it all. A smile softened the amazement that etched along her face.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-28-2020

She relaxes, intertwining her fingers with his and he continues to pave the way to the little cathedral, trying to smooth over her worries and offer the confidence that everything would be fine. Still, his gaze drifts to her at the ghost whales comment, a swift grin sharpening along his face. “[say]Mm, ‘spose that’s fair.[/say]” Ghost whales typically didn’t make it this far in, not with the reefs that surrounded this part of the ocean they found themselves in, but he hopes by playing along it might help release the fear within her. “[say]I’d prolly make a decent but small dinner, yeh?[/say]” He jests back to her, continuing until the end is in sight and he’s already explaining his plans.

He lets her go as soon as she’s moving toward it on her own, Milo choosing a different path to take him into the cathedral, to pull the pack from his shoulder and pull the blankets out to smooth along the sand beneath it, all the while the wind continues to blow a low melody through the structure. Her question has his gaze drawn back to her, a beckoning smile to have her join him within it.

“[say]It’s jus’ a cathedral, really. Dunno who made it ‘r what it’s for.[/say]” He murmurs, pausing to reach up and let his fingertip drag along a piece of sun bleached coral. “[say]’ts m’favorite place t’visit.[/say]” Which would hopefully ensure the safety of it to her. His gaze drops then to find her again, that similar smile breaking across his face, deeply pleased with himself that she’s enjoying it just as much as he always does. “[say]’ts made’a certain way so the wind’ll make music through it.[/say]”

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 12-29-2020

[say]"Decent, yes, and tasty,"[/say] she agreed with a quiet laugh, which faded as they reached the clandestine formation. It was both magical and mysterious.

Aurelia couldn't pretend to understand it in spite of the knowledge of magic she'd gained in her profession. Cult temples established by arcane magic, deep in jungle ruins, to worship dark gods; that was what she knew of, and that was far different from this. It lacked dark energy or magic seals, and it seemed to stand all on its own.

She tilted her head, speculating. Still, there is no logical answer for how it might've formed naturally. Perhaps this was not made by man for gods, but by gods for man.

Her smile directed over at Milo, taking note of the blanket he had laid out in the sand. She watched as he marvelled at the cathedral, too, seeming much more familiar with it while still taken by it's beauty. Her smile deepened, glad that he wanted to share this with her, his favorite place.

[Say]"I can see why,"[/say] she nodded, looking at the roof that glistened over them. At his mention of it being built to make music, she nodded, taking a moment to more fully listen to the notes that rang through. Turning back to his smiling face, she leaned in against him and wrapped her arms around his torso. She tilted her head and gently nuzzled her lips up to his.

[Say]"Thank you,"[/say] she murmured once the kiss came to a reluctant end, still looking up at him with a smile. It was an all-encompassing gratitude, but if he wanted to interpret it in one way more than another, that worked just as well. Perhaps, if he wanted, she'd kiss him again.

Then she leaned back with a sigh that would do little to shake her out of the trance his kisses seemed to quite easily pull her into. She motioned to the blanket, [say]"so, what's for dinner, chef?"[/say]

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-29-2020

The tasty comment draws a raise of his brow, a bark of laughter that echoes along the expanse of sea, before he’s moving inside to place the blanket down, explaining how he doesn’t know how it was made but how it still remained one of his favorite places to go. And it seems he’s picked well, judging by the takes it all in as well. His gaze meets hers as she slips closer, remaining quiet just enough for her to hear it before she’s leaning against him and his arms move to slip around her, fingers dragging through the billowy fabric as their lips meet.

It ends sooner than he’d like, but that’s how he finds them all to go lately, but he pulls away with her just slightly enough that he can brush his nose by her own, a glimmer of happiness sparking in those bronze eyes of his. “[say]Yer welcome.[/say]” He murmurs softly, leaning down to press yet another soft kiss to her lips, before he releases her so that they can sit on the blanket. He sheds his jacket, tossing it at the edge of the blanket before he’s pulling the pack toward him.

“[say]Mm well, I’ve got some fish m’brothers caught today. Pair that with some fried rice, ‘n it should be good.[/say]” He makes a show of digging into the bag, of producing a few still quite warm plates of fish and fried rice, as well as another bag that holds what appears like donut holes almost, but larger. “[say]’n I brought these ‘ncase ya got a sweet tooth.[/say]” Because he doesn’t know, not really, what kinds of things she likes just yet.

He fishes into another compartment of the pack he’s brought, for the things to be kept cold, and produces a bottle of some sweet rum, coconut likely given the scent it puts off, as well as a bottle of tropical juice. “[say]Choices fer the drinks, too.[/say]” When he’s finally laid everything out, his gaze lifts to her with a boyish grin. “[say]Pick yer poison.[/say]” He rumbles, flashing a wink her way.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 12-30-2020

Aurelia caught that glimmer in his eye, a reflection of her own happiness, before they were turning to the blanket. Settling down beside him, she turned and eyed the bag as he described and presented the meal he'd brought. Her hunger began to feel more prominent as the smell of warm, fresh food wafted in the cold air around them. It had a homey smell to it; it was something that took her back, reminded her of simpler times. Weird how food can do that to you.

[say]"Smells amazing,"[/say] she commented.

But as he pulled out a bag of large donut holes, Aurelia leaned forward. Interested, her eyebrows raised and she plucked one out of the bag without much hesitation. Perhaps not the order this meal ought to be eaten but, it had been so long since she'd had a warm pastry - and those were her favorite kind of food! The temptation couldn't be resisted.

The donut was warm and soft and sugary in her grip. She brought it up to her mouth and waited only a moment to relish the distinct scent of a fresh donut. And then it was gone, eaten. She licked her lips and her fingers, declaring, [say]"If I could live off of nothing but donuts, I would, I think."[/say]

Then Milo put something else out, something that hadn't even occurred to her yet; drinks. She picked up the bottle of rum, looking it over with a contented smile. Green eyes peered back over at him, catching his wink. [say]"You thought of everything, didn't you? Here,"[/say] She popped the top off of the bottle and offered it out to him, for him to take the first drink.

If he was paying some attention, he might see a glimmer of silver marks on her skin from Nate's bite. They were new. Well, new in the sense that she hadn't had them the night they'd met and kick-started this thing into gear.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 12-30-2020

“[say]’m glad ya think so.[/say]” He rumbles, flashing her an easy smile as he lists out all the things he’s brought. He doesn’t expect her to dive right into the dessert, however, a bit of amusement crossing his face, a bright laugh leaving his lips as she devours it. He makes a mental note to bring more of them, and some with some variety – filled with jelly or chocolate, things of that nature. As it was, however, he can’t let her eat all the pastries by herself, regardless of how much she wants to.

So he gives her a considering look as he takes one of the pastries for himself, popping it into his mouth to be eaten before he replies. “[say]They’re pretty good.[/say]” He agrees with a crooked smile, an amused gleam to his gaze. But he stops to reveal the drinks he’s also brought, catching her eye with the very same grin on his face when she pops the top off the bottle and offers it out for him. “[say]I tried to. Can’ say I knew exactly what t’bring. Glad I guessed right 'nuff.[/say]” He adds with another huff of a laugh, taking the bottle and taking a swig of it, sighing through the burn down his throat as he hands it back to her – the fruity sweetness of the coconut easing a bit of the strength of the alcohol.

And he sits back in the blanket, to really look at her, to appreciate this moment together in its full clarity when he spies the silver marks on her skin, raising a brow curiously. He doesn’t comment on it, instead focusing on the fact that he has them too – just the one, placed along his neck. Though he assumes she’s noticed it before, and simply assumes that perhaps he’d not paid enough attention when they were together the last time to have noticed whether they were there or not.

Or they’re new and he has no idea what he’s talking about.

“[say]Thank you fer comin’ with me, ‘Relia.[/say]” He murmurs, softer, more appreciative this time, letting the thoughts swirl along his brown gaze as he peers at her. “[say]S’tell me if there’s somethin’ ya don’t like in this so I’ll know fer next time, ‘kay?[/say]” He tilts his head, leaning over a bit to brush his hand by her arm as he hands her the plate, before he picks his own up.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 01-02-2021

Aurelia smiled as she watched him eat one, though she would exercise some restraint and keep herself from eating them all before she even gave their actual dinner a chance. Instead, she went for the bottle he handed back to her and lifted it up toward him a bit - a small gesture. Then, she took a drink, feeling the alcohol blaze its way down too. The taste of coconut wasn't lost on her, it being something she hadn't really had many times before. It was sweet. She liked it, but she closed the bottle and set it down in apprehension of eating.

If he thought she didn't notice the brow that's raised and the location his eyes were on for just a moment, he's wrong. She caught it, and perhaps he caught her catching it. But, for a moment, there was nothing she could say. Words fluttered in her throat but they, too, were caught. As far as the marks on his neck go, yes, she'd noticed. But it was clear to her that the scar was old and, if he wanted to say something about it, she was sure he would. She didn't quite know how to feel about it herself, so she wouldn't prod. As for her bite... she felt she owed an explanation. Regardless of expectation, if only to be honest with him in all the ways that she could allow herself to be.

As Aurelia was trying to think of the words to say, he started speaking - and she was sure that he would address it. Sure that it would be something to confront, but when he did nothing more than thank her and hand her a plate of food, she was confused. She did a good enough job of hiding it, though, accepting the plate.

[say]"Oh, um... well, there's no way I'd miss this anyway!"[/say] She smiled, and the honest words had fumbled out so quickly she didn't realize how cheesy they sounded. Picking up a fork, she took a few bites, hoping it might quell her thoughts and dumb words. It was steamy and paired nicely together, which prompted her to take a few more bites. Aurelia ate food fast, this was just a fact about her. She realized she might want to slow down, though, so she paused.

Then, she lifted her eyes up to Milo. [say]"I'm not picky. Common food in my world was usually... tough and bland. I got used to that, so... anything that has flavor will impress me, basically,"[/say] She smirked at that, joking a bit of course, [say]"This is good, though."[/say]

Thinking on it a bit more, she admitted, [say]"There are a few things I don't like. Raptor, for instance, but I don't think you have those here... Anyway, um..."[/say]

She wanted to address this whole... Nate 'ordeal' (if it could even be called that) but, a smooth transition for that was impossible. Awkwardly, she cleared her throat. [say]"I should probably tell you about this,"[/say] she lifted her hand up to let the sleeve slip down to her elbow, revealing the bite against her wrist again. [say]"It's not a big deal, nothing happened,"[/say] she thought that might've been a good preface for her news, only to realize that made it sound worse, actually.

[say]"I mean- it's not what you think."[/say]

[say]"I mean, I don't know what you're thinking, but it's not what most people would think? Uh, heh,"[/say] she was feeling nervous now, talking fast, her other hand reaching up to rub the back of her neck. [say]"It was Nate. Maybe you know him? He's a doctor, and he was able to tell me what's wrong with me by uh... biting me."[/say]

And then she waved her hands, [say]"but-but nothing happened! Like, nothing weird. Or, nothing weirder than that, I guess? And there's nothing really wrong with me, except for.. you know, I was cursed.. before .. and a bit of it carried over into this world. So- my body isn't as strong as I'm used to. Which is why I went to go see a doctor in the first place- oh, and I'm... Abandoned."[/say] Her tornado of speech finally slowed down at the end of that last sentence, as the weight of it befell her again. Her hands lowered to her lap, gently hugging the plate against it, and her gaze followed.

Maybe this sort of news would excite and enthrall someone else but, to her, it was... not exciting or enthralling. At least, not as things were. She was still processing.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Milo - 01-03-2021

Ignorant to the inner turmoil that she goes through when he notices the bite marks, he can’t help the smile and the gruff laugh that leaves him at her words, the honest smile, the way she dives into her food as if she’s covering something up. It’s awkward, but he tries to keep up if only not to be left behind. While Aurelia might eat her food fast, Milo tended to be more of the grazing type – to down a few bites in between work, returning to down a few more.

Still, he lets her go at whatever pace she wanted, looking up to catch her eyes when she mentions that she’s not picky. It sparks another crooked smile on his face, a nod of his head that loosens a lock of red hair from where he’d kept it neatly. “[say]Ah well that’s good.[/say]” He pauses, considering if he knows what a raptor was, eventually shaking his head with a soft laugh. “[say]Nev’r heard’a it.[/say]” He offers after he’s tried to imagine it.

But then the conversation shifts and his attention is fully granted to her, in between reaching for the bottle to down a heavy gulp, waiting to see what’s driven her to this level of awkwardness. His eyes follow the edge of the sleeve as it falls, brow raising once more as his gaze darts between the bite and her face, waiting only because it seems she’s insistent to tell him. She doesn’t have to, but she continues anyway.

And with each little trip, there’s a ghosting of a smirk that crosses his face, one that rises and rises, until he sets the plate down to give her his full attention, leaning forward along the blanket just a bit to watch her. “[say]Mm, yeh, the Governer’s beau.[/say]” He refrains at first from admitting just how much he’d fucked with the doctor once when he sought out a Sear cat.

However, she continues, a whirlwind of talking and information that takes Milo a decent amount of time to process it, until a grin spreads across his face as she reveals she’s Abandoned. “[say]No shit, really? What’s yer ability?[/say]” He asks with a tilt of his head, wondering if she’d been blessed with summoning just as he was, or if it was something else.

But she doesn’t seem excited and he’s not entirely sure why, so he instead chooses to reach out and try and clasp her hands with his, a soothing presence if he can make it one. “[say]Will yer curse go away? Or d’ya jus’ need t’get stronger again?[/say]” He asks, searching for something else, not at all concerned about the bite or what might have occurred.

RE: rorschach the pieces that i lack - Aurelia - 01-03-2021

Aurelia might've delved into what a raptor was if it weren't for what had been brought to the forefront of her mind. Her only indication of that was to give Milo a tilt of her head, understanding.

So, he knew who Nate was. Relief relaxed the tension that gathered along her collarbones, gathered in a breath she didn't know she wasl holding in. She took note of the smirk that resolved along his countenance, wondered what it meant in that moment. Maybe this wasn't so strange to him; he came from this world, knew its ins and outs, had clearly run into an Ascended before.

Aurelia had not. Not before Nate, that was. At least, not knowingly. The experience had been.. eye-opening, to say the least. Pleasurable in a literal sense but, her mind fogged over at such a thought. When it took Milo a moment to process it all, Aurelia could only lick her dried mouth and wait. She had already talked up a storm. She didn't intend to bury herself deeper into the awkward hole she'd dug.

He grinned as he spoke the word 'Abandoned', and she looked up to catch it. For a moment, she held his gaze with wavering eyes. Fire. Fire. She wanted to spit the word! Hurl it into the ocean and let it smolder there, where it would be resigned to ash. She attempted to garner her strength, pulling in a deep, salty breath. But no sound came out as she sighed.

Milo's hands reached for hers, and she accepted them, even if her fingers could only fall limply against his hands.

[Say]"I don't know. It's not a curse from this world, so.. it...would be difficult to reverse. But it doesn't seem strong enough to keep me weak, so.. I guess I just have to muscle through it."[/say]

[Say]"I can.."[/say] she cleared her throat and looked away, [say]"My abandoned ability is fire."[/say] But as she let out the words, she leaned toward him and rested her chin against his shoulder, looking downward. [Say]"It's some sort of cosmic joke,"[/say] she scoffed, thinking back to the night they'd met. If he remembered their discussion, he'd know why she said that.