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always searching for deliverance - Sunjata - 03-01-2022

It’s been a long time since the Flood has heard his name called so openly in the Grounds. It’s been a longer time since he’s heard it shrieked around, with the unfortunate help of the hEARS in his ear. And in an effort to help relieve some of the screaming of his name from penetrating the surrounding buildings, he seeks out the source.

It’s been a longer time still since he’d seen Edrei. Back when the Advocates had just started, back when Lucas and Ezra and Adam were all a tightknit bunch, working to undermine or bolster Zariah’s leadership. He rounds the corner, though, in his bat shift, turning back into himself as he rocks on his heels, brows pinched as he regards her. “[say]Didn’t imagine it’d be you to scream my name into the night.[/say]” He hums with a small laugh, one that fades a fraction as he steps closer, hands moving into his pockets. “[say]You rang?[/say]”

RE: always searching for deliverance - Edrei - 03-01-2022

[say]"SUN. JA. TAAAAAAAAAAA."[/say] Over and over the call went. Edy sounded more like a banshee than any sort of former queen or baroness, and it was probably a good thing that about 99% of the Ground's population didn't need to sleep.

[say]"Not now."[/say] The Rapacious snaps, and though she and Jata might not have been tight for some time now, when Edy was unwilling to make sex jokes, you knew shit was serious. [say]'Listen, they fucking killed Sam.'[/say] The words rush out of her, because it hurts to say, you know? And not in the way being an ascended can protect against. [say]"So I want your dragon shift and then I want a lift to Stormbreak, and I want it now. You can have whatever the fuck you want in return—I'll pull every fucking upgrade out of my body or like your toenails or whatever the fuck—but this needs to happen now."[/say] Had she any need for breath she might have been panting by the end of this rant. Seeing as she didn't, it was with uncanny stillness that she stared up at the Flood, thinking only of Sam and raining hellfire from the skies in his honour.

RE: always searching for deliverance - Sunjata - 03-01-2022

It’s an immediate shift – the air tight and the not now that peels from the woman’s lips. He straightens up, shoulders drawing back, chin tilting up a fraction as he nods. “[say]I heard.[/say]” It was a shame – Sunjata had liked Sam, regardless of how he’d destroyed the relationship between the bookmaker and his husband. They’d worked it out, been amenable toward one another.

He huffs a sigh in response to Edrei’s unnatural stillness. “[say]Sure, yeah, we can figure out the details later.[/say]” Because obviously there’s a goal in mind, there’s distractions based off an attack on Stormbreak – one that Sunjata had been privy to hearing that Stormbreak may or may not be expecting. But with Gideon gone, the dominos start to tumble. The biggest hurdle, though, was the Star in Sunjata’s mind.

“[say]Just you? Or am I chauffeuring others too?[/say]” His scarred eyebrow rises, his posture softening to open himself up a bit more.

RE: always searching for deliverance - Amun - 03-01-2022

Close on Edrei's heels, Amun skidded to a stop just behind her. His hands were white-knuckled on the blades he still held. Catching himself, he glared at Sunjata. [say]"I'm coming. I'll skip the bite for now, though, got my own at the moment."[/say] The potter's nostrils flared as he waited for the Flood to get moving already.

Amun jerked his chin at the other man. [say]"If anyone else is coming, they better do it fast. I'm not willing to wait."[/say] Gritting his teeth, he felt that low growl rising up in the back of his throat. At the same time, his foot started tapping, hitting the ground in a rapid rhythm.

RE: always searching for deliverance - Edrei - 03-01-2022

[say]'I dunno. Whoever is gonna come should be along shortly.'[/say] And if it was just her? Fucking fine. Fuck the lot of them. Sure it was reckless and sure someone should stay behind to PrOtEcT, but you know what? Sam was dead, okay?

And dead was dead, was dead, unless of course it wasn't. But for right now at least, dead was dead.

Rather than reaching for Sunjata's arm or pulling him down to her, it's with a sprightly jump that she leaps into his arms. Wrapping her long legs around him, Edy buries her fangs into his neck. The instant pleasure she feels makes her think of Sam, and it's with a want she didn't even know she properly had until just this minute that Edy grinds her hips forward (even though it does nothing for her), imagining the big man she was latched onto was the bookmaker.

RE: always searching for deliverance - Nate - 03-01-2022

Nate catches up to his husband just in time to catch the tail end of Edy’s demands and a face full of the Launceleyn climbing Sunjata like a tree, which… is a train of thought that he’ll have to follow the tracks of later. If there is a later.

He waves an awkward hello to Amun before stepping up behind Sunjata and sinking his teeth into the other side of his husbands neck. Time is of the essence, no need to take turns, there’s all kinds of justifications that melt away as the blood hits his tongue, and then come screaming back as soon as he pulls back. “[say]I’m in.[/say]” He clarified, as if it’s needed at this point.

RE: always searching for deliverance - Sunjata - 03-01-2022

He knows that the glare from Amun isn’t directed at him, but it certainly is a distraction away from Edrei as she grabs his arm. “[say]Noted.[/say]” He comments, fully expecting to feel the familiar welcome sting of fangs burrowed into his wrist, when suddenly he’s taken by surprise with the way she jumps into his arms, automatically moving around her to support her even if he stumbles far enough that his back is pressed against that alley wall.

“[say]Yeah, okay,[/say]” he breathes, clamping his lips and jaw shut tight, unable to keep the slight sound of a whine from leaving him with the roll of Edrei’s hips. And that isn’t everything, either, because there’s the footsteps of another and his steel gaze slips open only a fraction to see the mess of dark curls of his husband, yet another pair of teeth sunk into his neck. It’s an overwhelming sensation, this one certainly making a choked sound leave him as he sucks down a greedy breath. “[say]Fuck.[/say]”

His heart thunders in his chest and he feels a bit ragged, but he does manage to utter an “[say]anyone else?[/say]” Might as well overwhelm him while he’s already drowning in it, right?

When it was clear that nobody else were to show, the demigod takes a few deep breaths to get his mind less jumbled, and once he's finally recovered, they can leave to head to Stormbreak.