Here you will find a list of all of CotF's current and upcoming seasons and their corrosponding real life times.

For clarity,

    Spring = Flowerbirth
    Summer = Longheat
    Autumn = Leafchange
    Winter = Deepfrost

Remember that each season lasts 2 OOC months, making 1 year of site time = 8 months of real time.

Season Year IRL Month
Flowerbirth 310 November 2019
Deepfrost 309 October 2019
Deepfrost 309 September 2019
Leafchange 309 August 2019
Leafchange 309 July 2019
Longheat 309 June 2019
Longheat 309 May 2019
Flowerbirth 309 April 2019
Flowerbirth 309 March 2019
Deepfrost 308 February 2019
Deepfrost 308 January 2019
Leafchange 308 December 2018
Leafchange 308 November 2018


Leafchange brings with it the Festival of Lights and the creation of lanterns to remember the dead. Some were made from paper and decorated wildly with paint and dyes and goodness knew what else. Others were formed out of glass which floated like ghosts, undoubtedly manipulated by magic. There were lanterns of leaves and twigs, lanterns of fabric and ink, lanterns of flame and earth and lightning for those Abandoned who knew how to creatively manipulate their elements. All are lit during a festival at midnight, to honour and remember those lost and gone.


The last week of Deepfrost (2 OOC weeks long) darkness falls over the entire continent as the sun is entirely blocked out. In the Hollowed Grounds strange monsters roam. In other areas, characters hunker down having gathered food, water, fuel to burn, and activities to keep themselves occupied.


The Fiat Lux festival happens at the height of Flowerbirth! Bright banners (little more than strips of dyed cloth, in truth) hang from the shutters and doorframes of houses and businesses, and any Natural worth their salt will be eager to pass on the message. The festival will take place in the Fields at the height of Flowerbirth. Entertainment. food, booze, laughter and great company - it is a fitting way to shake off the Deepfrost blues.


With the rains of Flowerbirth gone, LongHeat is a time of light. Legend has it that if the sun is captured, the days can stay long forever, and with memories of the horrors of LongNight still fresh in mind and the hardships of Flowerbirth only days past, keeping the sun around seems a worthy if not lofty task.

LongHeat is a time of celebration and mirth for the Fae. While those in the barrier have witnessed the changing of seasons with a pragmatic eye, the Fae have cultivated tales and legends that usher in the changing of seasons with excitement and anticipation.