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The Thread of the Month

The Thread of the Month recognizes an IC thread that you find particularly remarkable, whether because it is hilarious, poignant, well-written, dark, sombre, sad, etc.

Using your OOC account you may nominate any quote thread in the current month. You may nominate yourself. You may not nominate SWE, Mini Event, or other 'cluster' threads for TotM.

Please use the following format when submitting (a) nomination(s).
<a href="">thread link/title</a>

Nominations close and voting begins on the last 5 days of the month.


If you win ToTM you may
  • Place the ToTM badge on your profile
  • Receive 20 MP
  • +1 luck

Past Winners

Do you believe that you can walk on water? with Ashetta and Alistair
mysterious as the dark side of the moon with Wessex and Edrei
Call it what you want with Samuel and Remi!
{KQ} Raise You Like a Phoenix with Edy, Rory, Jigano, and Amalia!
{KQ} Bigger A(spire)ations with Ronin, Remi, Ashe, and Roana!
{SE} sky full of song with Amalia and Deimos!
{se} between two lungs with Amalia and Deimos!
Questions and Concerns with Adam and Peter!
It takes a leap of faith with Amalia and Deimos!
Table for Three with Ashetta and Jigano!
So Sweet the Taste With Amalia and Adam AND I'm with you even if it makes me blue with Loren and Remi
{RE} sticks & stones to break your bones with Loren, Sunjata, Lusea, Wessex, and the RE account!
on the digestive nature of tangleweeds With Oia'i'o and Kaimana!
Trying My Best (OPEN) with Samuel and Jigano!
{KQ} dark star with Ronin, Amalia, Samuel, Amun, Wessex, and Jigano! (And the Voice and Safrin!)
{PQ+} falling so hard, swimming through stars with Sunjata, Peter, Adam, Amalia, and Deimos!
{PQ} just a haze on the water with Remi, Ronin, Wessex, Maea, and Delphia!
Day Old Hate with Samuel and Nate!
we are flesh & blood & we deserve to be loved with Amalia, Deimos, Safrin, Evie, and Kiada!
with the length of my blade, let history be written with Nephele, Nate, and Sunjata!
pour one out for our ghosts with Vervain and Zephyr!
bleed for better reasons with Deimos and Amalia!
take a chance with Morgan and Neron!
you don't have long, i am on to you with Gideon and Osozo!
lies travel faster than truth with Cian and Finn!
Love Without My Heartbeat with Nate and Safrin!
(SE) tread on me with Shaju and Sunjata!
it's casting shadows and lies with Ronin, Remi, and Sunjata!
your blood's as good an ink as any with Nate, Hotaru, and Sunjata!
I wouldn't love me neither with Nate and Hotaru!
you give me meaning, something I can breathe in with Deimos and Hotaru!
If Everyone Was Listening with Remi and Nate!
a bit of salt, a bit of lemon with Ronin and Sunjata!
this swarm of flies with Cian, Gideon, and Mabel!
{open se} woke up in heaven with Hotaru and Wessex!
making friends with all my sins with Sunjata and Frey!
like a ghost with Alex and Locke
when my time is up, have I done enough with Sunjata and Wessex!
The Great Nate Exchange with Ronin, Remi, Sunjata, Isla, and Wessex
The Dwarf and the Fox with Darkeye and Wessex!
heaven's a mindset away with Deimos and Evie!
Trying Again {SE} with Amanda and Phoebe!
in the eye of a hurricane there is quiet with Phoebe and Harper!
evermore with Phoebe and Sunjata!
oh my goddess with Isla and Sunjata!
{SE} it has to be so lonely to be the only one who's holy with Sohalia and Jude!
where the shadow ends with Sunjata and Melita!
Shining Trinkets of Grief with Sunjata and Hotaru!
live for today, we'll dream tomorrow with Koa and Sohalia!
bad blood with Harper and Sohalia!
Until proven guilty with Hadama, Harper, and Koa!
{SE} Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol with Iskra and Soleil!
Better off losing what’s left with Harper and Sunjata!
but I would die for you in secret with Harper, Sohalia, and Noe!
{se} Hell will always come before you grow with Dantalion and Noah!
but i hate paying for my sins with Sunjata and Dahlia!
There's still life in the Armageddon with Evie and Maea!
to remind you of my love with Ronin and Safrin and Vi!

Current winner

baby mine with Remi and Ronin!
The Best
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For next time,

not a good night to lose control

The way everyone is in this thread, reading every reply the second it's posted.
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Congrats to Ronin / Honey and Remi / Odd !!

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