Merit Points
Merit Points

Merit Points is a system whereby your actions OOC and IC can earn you IC rewards. Below you will find a list of actions and their MP value, and what that can be traded for. This list is constantly subject to change! If you see something that you would like to suggest, please contact an admin!

To redeem your MP, please go to the User CP.

Earning Merit Points
    5 MP
  • Send a welcome PM to a new member
  • Create 'art' for another member of the site (a poem, a drawing, doodle, painting, etc)
  • Thread with a new member within a week of them joining
  • Complete a thread (must be archived with 'finish' on the last post)
  • Reply to an open thread
  • Make an open thread
  • Teach another character something in which you are proficient
  • Be in a thread with the Random Event account
  • Join a guild
  • Participate in a Personal Quest
    10 MP
  • Complete a task given to you by someone in the government
  • Win a drop
  • Submit an idea for new flora/fauna and have it approved
  • Participate in a thread marked [SITE WIDE EVENT]
  • Level up your character
  • Kill your character (must die in a thread with at least 2 posts from you)
  • Create a new character
    15 MP
  • Be on the site for 1 month (... all the way to 6 months)
  • Be in a one-on-one thread with a god
    20 MP
  • Help someone complete a quest or fulfill a PQ+ requirement as an NPC or Supporting Character
  • Be in a Key Quest
  • Complete a quest given by a god
  • Start a guild
  • Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 4 pages
  • For every 200 posts
  • Thread with every race
    25 MP
  • Post in all 4 boards of the Feverlands
    35 MP
  • Significantly change the landscape or make a new board
    40 MP
  • Level up your Ascended character (temporary, subject to change)
  • Post in all 6 boards of the Draig Cordillera
  • Post in all 6 boards of Hak Etme
    50 MP
  • Complete all parts of a seasonal event
  • Your character survived an IC year!
  • Work for the government (non-cabinet position)
  • Post in all 7 boards of Halo
  • Post in all 8 boards of King's End
  • Post in all 8 boards of the Oerwoud
    55 MP
  • Post in all 9 boards of the Climb
    60 MP
  • Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 8 pages
    70 MP
  • Become a member of a government's cabinet
    75 MP
  • Post in all 12 boards of the Greatwood
    90 MP
  • Post in all 14 boards of Torchline
    100 MP
  • Post in all 16 boards of the Hollowed Grounds
  • Post in all 17 boards of Stormbreak
  • Become a leader
  • Create an ascended (temporary, subject to change)
  • Reach level 5 with an Ascended (temporary, subject to change)
    180 MP
  • Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 12 pages
    200 MP
  • For every 1000 posts
    380 MP
  • Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 16 pages
    400 MP
  • Reach 3000 posts
    660 MP
  • Participate in a one-on-one thread that reaches 20 pages
    800 MP
  • Reach 5000 posts
    1000 MP
  • Reach 7000 posts
    1300 MP
  • Reach 9000 posts
Spending Merit Points
    -100 MP
  • Skip a levelling requirement (100x the requirement level. Skipping a requirement at level 2 costs 200, at level 10 costs 1000)
    -150 MP
  • Extra shrine/god/drop related roll or name addition
    -300 MP
  • Receive secret information about the world or a plot
    -375 MP
  • Receive a character companion (non-mythical)
    -400 MP
  • Receive +4 stats
    -450 MP
  • Receive a quest from a god
    -500 MP
  • Receive an animal-shift (Attuned only)
  • Receive a custom upgrade (Ascended only)
  • Receive a custom item (Accepted only)
  • Receive a new magic or magic upgrade (Abandoned or Demi-god only)
    -600 MP
  • Join a second Outlander
  • Receive a custom magic (Abandoned only)
  • Receive a non race-specific character companion
  • Receive a race-specific character companion
    -650 MP
  • Receive a passive magic (Abandoned or Demi-god only)
    -750 MP
  • Receive a custom Random Event encounter + a race specific prize
    -1000 MP
  • Receive a mythical Attuned shift (must be level 10+)
    -1200 MP
  • Receive a hybrid pass
    -2500 MP
  • Play a natural demigod
    -3000 MP
  • Thread with Mort, Vi, or Rae
    -3500 MP
  • Play a demigod based on an existing character
  • The Random Event cursed me in my prayer thread, does that count as a Random Event interaction?
  • No! In order to count for claiming Merit Points, both you and the Random Event account need at least three posts each in the thread
  • Leveling up requires me to post a thread. Which thread?
  • The character application thread, where your leveling submissions are stored.
  • I just killed my own character. How much MP do I get?
  • You receive a minimum of 10MP OR .5x(post count) for the character who has died (whichever is higher). So a character with 100 posts would receive 50 MP. A character with 5 posts would receive 10MP. This will be calculated for you, so don't worry!
  • Creating a character requires me to post a thread. Which thread?
  • The character application thread.
  • When submitting how many months I have been on the site, it asks me to type in "# + month/s". What does this mean?
  • If you have been on the site for 1 month, put in "1 month", then "2 months", "3 months", etc.
  • Reach X amount of posts, post in all boards of a region, thread with every race - are these claims character specific?
  • Yes! They need to be completed on a single character, and can be claimed for several characters.
  • Which races are counted in the "thread with every race" claim?
  • Accepted, Abandoned, Attuned, Ascended, Hybrid (any kind), Demi-god, Fae OR Mermaid.
  • What counts as significantly changing the landscape?
  • Typically something that requires an alteration of the forum description. Talk to the admins!
  • Completing all parts of a seasonal event requires me to post a thread. Which thread?
  • The thread announcing the seasonal events, where to post your turn-in for participation.
  • When claiming for my character surviving an IC year, it asks me for the IC season joined and current year. Why?
  • If your character joined in Deepfrost 311 PC, then you would claim this in every Deepfrost. So the next claim is Deepfrost 312 PC, that's what you write down in the claim.