Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession php magician
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Strength: /30
Age: 110 (Deepfrost 200 PC) Dexterity: /30
Height: Endurance: /30
Weight: Luck: /30
Gender: gentlewoof Relationship Status:
Orientation: Deity Alignment: I follow Athena

  • Fire Manipulation: Can manipulate flames. Must be within a 30ft radius. Control is excellent
    Type: Dark | Rank: Upgraded

  • Citizenship Ability
    The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)
  • Type: Dark
    Scythe, because scythes are the absolute best.

  • Type: Light
    Choice of (accepted) upgraded magical item, (attuned) ability to speak to companions, (abandoned) custom magic, (ascended) +20% sunlight resistance, (demi-god) upgraded demi-god magic - Choice of (accepted) basic magical item , (attuned) new shift, (abandoned) base magic, (ascended) bio upgrade, (demi-god) demi-god magic - Choice of (accepted) basic magical item, (attuned) 2 new shifts, (abandoned) mastered magic, (ascended) 50% bio upgrade, (demi-god) mastered demigod magic

    Athena - Mythical - Shire
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