Caido is a continent roughly 9 million km2 (approximately the size of China)

    Traveling around Caido

    Caido is roughly the size of China and is spread across several regions. Whilst we make use of liquid time on the site, below you can find some information on modes of travel to help you navigate the world realistically.


    Skyships are floating boats that can sail between established ports. Currently, there are skyports in Halo (in the Citadel), the Greatwood (in the Sidhe Village), Torchline (at the Kaiholo Port), and Stormbreak (the Skyport). Skyships can also land in King’s End (the Boondocks), and near the Climb (carefully, though!)

    On Foot/Shifted

    On CotF we assume that people can travel 30-50km per day (based on your END stat). With animal shifts this amount will change, so in order to make use of the map below, Google the average movement speed of your animal or how far they can travel in a day, and divide it by the distance you want to travel. Mythical animals are generally capable of 2x speed, and demigods or others who have maxed out their stats can push the upper limits of travel as well.

    Note: The Draig Cordillera that bisects Caido is incredibly treacherous to cross. When trying to walk/fly through the mountains, triple the amount of time it would normally take. Wagons never cross through here.

    By Wagon

    You can assume that there are always various wagons going from region to region and within the Wilds. Frequency is based on that location’s Regional Score. You can triple walking speed to have an idea of how much ground these wagons can cover in a day.


    During the Voice’s time on Caido, a number of portals were established across the continent that provided immediate and convenient access to the rest of the world. With her death, the portals went offline and no longer function as a means of travel. Stepping into a portal now does nothing.

    The Settled Lands

    The Hollowed Grounds

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  • The Hollowed Grounds are where characters were trapped for 300+ years in a barrier. This barrier fell in Flowerbirth 309 PC.
  • The Hollowed Grounds is a 'large' sized area; it’s about 1000km2 but since it’s broken apart it feels much larger. It’s just under the size of Texas and would take you 40ish days to walk the entire length.
  • The Hollowed Grounds is typified by its rolling hills and farmland and experiences average weather.

  • The Greatwood

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  • Once the Greatwood was a single piece of land, but after the events of the Second War, split into a series of islands held together by the Mathair's roots.
  • The Greatwood was once inhabited primarily by the Fae who did not welcome anyone into their home. Gradually, the Greatwood has opened up.
  • The Greatwood is a 'medium' sized area; it spans about 500km from end to end, taking up to 20 days to traverse on foot. It’s like walking from the top of Ireland to the bottom.
  • Movement is tricky within the Greatwood: the forest tends to repeatedly spit out newcomers (the trees will move and you will find yourself outside of the forest).
  • Ascended/Ascended-Demigods cannot enter the Greatwood.
  • The Leafchange seasonal deity, Mathair, can be found here.
  • The Greatwood can best be thought of as your typical magical forest.


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  • Compared to other regions, Halo is a largely uninhabited land because of its dangerous wildlife and treacherous climate.
  • Halo is a 'medium' sized area; walking from one end to the other would take just over a month on foot. It’s basically like walking from the top of Scotland down to the bottom of Wales.
  • Halo is always cold. Expect temperatures of around -30 C in enclosed spaces, and upwards of -50 C in the tundra
  • The Deepfrost seasonal deity, Eirachi, can be found here.
  • Halo is best thought of as an arctic-type biome that is extremely dangerous both due to the climate as well as its fauna.


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  • Torchline is a 'large' sized area; including the water, Torchline is about the size of Texas, though in terms of actual land it’s about ⅓ of the size.
  • Torchline is the primary home of most Merfolk, who live in the Underwater City.
  • Torchline is a tropical and lush coastal paradise.


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  • Stormbreak is a 'medium' sized area; it is about 800km across, or the size of Iceland. It would take just over a month to walk the entire length.
  • Abandoned and Abandoned-hybrids cannot enter Stormbreak, nor can any of the remaining Ascended/Ascended-hybrids/Ascended demi-gods
  • Stormbreak is a city with gothic-architecture that floats 5km above the ocean. It can only be reached by flying, skyships, or teleportation.

    The Wilds

    Hak Etme

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  • Hak Etme is a 'small' sized area;
  • Hak Etme is a vast desert that was rumoured once to be a lush paradise.

    The Oerwoud

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  • The Oerwoud is a 'small' sized area, and would take just under two weeks to walk across.
  • The Oerwoud is a lush magical jungle.
  • The Flowerbith seasonal deity, Ghilio, can be found here.

    The Climb

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  • The Climb is a 'medium' sized area, roughly the size of Nova Scotia, and would take you about 24 days to walk across.
  • The Longheat seasonal deity, Tanau, can be found here, as can the goddess Dygra.
  • The Climb has a rocky and volcanic crust, with rivers of lava. Below it are a series of intricate caves with rare gems, healing waters, and all sorts of weird flora/fauna.

    King's End

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  • King's End is a 'medium' sized area; it is basically the size of Wales and would take you 12 days to walk across.
  • King's End is typified by lush, rolling hills and a fertile climate.

    The Feverlands

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  • The Feverlands are a 'small' sized area; roughly the size of Connecticut. It would take you a week to walk across.
  • A swamp/bog where the majority of the flora and fauna is out to kill you in some way, shape, or form.

    The Draig Cordillera

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  • A deadly mountain range, home of Caido, the god of gods.
  • The Draig Cordillera is a 'large' sized area; the length of the Draig Cordillera is the same as the Rocky Mountains (3000km). You cannot walk this because it’s too rough, but if you could, it would take you 4 months.
  • Movement is not restricted, but due to the dangers of the dragons living here, death is extremely likely to any who venture in.