Welcome to Court of the Fallen!
    We are so excited to have you become part of our world! In order to make joining our site as easy as possible, we've summarized all of our core information for you below. More detailed information can be found in the guidebook, but this is everything you need to get yourself up and running.
    1. Read our Rules
    Please read our rules. Chief among them is our no harassment/drama policy. Any hate speech, harassment, or dramatic behaviour will be dealt with swiftly. We are also an 18+ site with an RPG rating of 3-3-3. Threads which have mature content will be labelled as such so that they can be avoided at your discretion.

    2. Make Your Accounts
    You need to have 1 OOC account as well as a separate account for each of your characters. Make sure you link all of your characters to your OOC account. This not only makes it easier for you to switch back and forth, but helps everyone know which characters are yours!
    To link your accounts:
    1. Make sure you are logged in to your OOC account
    2. Navigate to the Member Panel on the left hand side bar and click on 'User CP'
    3. Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Account Switcher' under the Miscellaneous heading
    4. Search for your character's name
    5. Enter your password

    3. Choose Your Race
    CotF has 5 races to choose from (Accepted, Attuned, Abandoned, Merfolk, and Ancient). All races are human-like with varying powers associated with them.

      Accepted: Accepted are our 'standard' race.
      Pros of being an Accepted: All of the site’s gods are more inclined to like you, meaning you will get blessings/gifts from them more often and have a higher chance of receiving a response when you pray at a shrine. You also receive more stat points as you level up than any of the other races, giving you quite the advantage in raw stats. Accepted can also pray at shrines to become an Attuned or an Ancient.
      Cons of being an Accepted: You will never have magical abilities or animal shifts so long as you remain an Accepted.

        Note:If you join as an Accepted you receive Basic Channeling. Channeling gives you the ability to call out a minor deity or god (depending on level) to assist during times of struggle, danger, conflict, etc.

      Attuned: Attuned are our race of animal shape-shifters.
      Pros of being an Attuned: You are beloved by the gods. At level 0 you can automatically transform into one modern-day animal. (By modern-day, we mean an animal that is not extinct). As you level you unlock more animal forms, can control other animals, can use telepathy with other Attuned, can partially shape-shift into your animals and, at much higher levels, can transform into mythical creatures!
      Cons of being an Attuned: You receive fewer stat points when levelling than Accepted.

        Note: If you join as an Attuned you'll need to specify what your first animal shift is. Remember, a level 0 Attuned can only shift into one modern-day (i.e., nothing extinct), non-mythical animal.

      Ancient: Ancients are our demon-like race.
      Pros of being an Ancient: Magic and animal-shifts! (And who doesn’t love a demon?).
      Cons of being an Ancient: Ancients have to deal with their ‘bloodlust’ and have an ingrained bond to the goddess Dygra; neither of these traits are negotiable when creating one of these characters.

        Note: If you join as one of the Ancients, you'll need to specify what your first animal shift is. You may choose from: Fyrhund, Molten Tiger, Lial, Lava Wyrm, Gore Crow or Rock Slider.

      Abandoned: Abandoned are our magical race.
      Pro's of being an Abandoned: Magic! As you level, you will have access to classes of magic available to all Abandoned, and also to custom magic that you can design (with help from the admins).
      Con's of being an Abandoned: You are disliked by the gods and receive significantly fewer stat points as you level than the other races.

        Note: If you join as an Abandoned you'll need to specify your first magic. Read up on our magics here.

      Merfolk: The Merfolk are our mermaid-like race.
      Pro's of being a mermaid: Magic and animal-shifts!
      Con's of being a mermaid: Levelling is more difficult. For the first few levels you cannot leave the water.

        Note: If you join as one of the Merfolk you'll need to specify what your first animal shift is. Remember, a level 0 Merfolk can only shift into one modern-day (i.e., nothing extinct), non-mythical aquatic animal.This serves as your merfolk’s lower-half.

    4. Distribute Your Stats
    When you join, you will have 35 stat points to distribute. We use stats mostly when doing Key Quests, rolling for deity interactions and for Random Events. IC, you can use your stats when trying to figure out how you stack up to another character.

    Your character begins with 4 basic stats: Endurance, Strength, Luck, and Dexterity. You can read more about stats here.

    Note: for Abandoned to use their magic for extended periods of time or to cast difficult spells, they rely on their Endurance stat.

    5. Choose Your Citizenship
    Where in Caido do you live? Your options are The Hollowed Grounds (a series of temperate islands), King's End (rolling haunted hills), Torchline (a tropical island nation), Stormbreak (Caido’s capital city which floats in the clouds), Halo (an icy wonderland), or you can be ‘Nomadic’. For information about these various regions, click here.

    6. Choose Your Profession
    You may choose any profession you like, other than 'official' positions (such as king). If you would like to start your own business or organization, click on the 'what to do' tab in the guidebook to learn more. You may change your profession at any time, or start with no profession.
    7. Complete Your Profile
    We don't require a ton of detail to be put into your profile in terms of personality/history/etc., but we do need to see that your basic information is filled out (e.g. a Face Claim if you have one (though this isn’t required), age, etc.) and a bit of information describing who your character is!
    When you're ready to apply, click here.
    About Caido
    Caido is a large continent where our story takes place. Learn more about the world by reading our Area Fast-Facts. You can also read more about our current History.