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The Character of the Season recognizes a character (not a player) who has been outstanding for that particular season. Reasons for nominations might include activity, IC character development, interesting plotting activity, or conflicts and IC drama!

Using your OOC account you may nominate any character you wish (only one nomination per member, please), however you may not nominate yourself and you may not nominate a character who has already won CotS. Supporting Characters may not be nominated for CotS.

Please include a brief description of why you are nominating the character(s).

Nominations close and voting begins on the last 5 days of the season.

If you win CotS you may
  • Place the CoTS badge on your profile
  • Receive 200 MP
  • Receive a random encounter with a god
  • +5 luck

Previous Winners

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309 PC


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317 PC


Current Winner


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