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It was oddly reassuring that Remi shared his disinterest in returning from whence they had once come. He nodded understanding, even if their reasons had been dissimilar. Neither of them had much to return to, and both had been building lives here, though the alchemist's unfortunate luck with the gods might have been reason enough for him to want to return to somewhere that they would be less meddlesome. His questions were valid, but Jigano shook his head as reassuringly as he could. "Anything is possible with gods, but I don't think that's likely. I can only imagine that it would take immense power to fling us all back through space and time, power that the Voice probably needs to hoard for now, in case of renewed clashes with the Old Gods." He shrugged lightly, but there was an undercurrent of unease at the possibility Remi had raised.

It was a relief when Remi's voice stayed in his ears rather than his head, though his points were valid ones, and reasons that Jigano had forced himself to begin overcoming his phobia of telepathic communication. "It's easier if I'm the one to initiate it," he admitted. "When I can make the choice of it. But... yes, I agree, I will do what I can to become more comfortable with it." Easier with people he trusted, as well, though he didn't say that aloud, not wishing to offend his host. "Though perhaps I will find a new shift under pleasant circumstances?" he suggested wryly. "It would be a nice change of pace, at least."

The success of the glowing mix had Jigano grinning broadly as well, and he pulled out the second geode to set it on the table. "Of course I don't mind. There is something reassuring about the science of the mixture, and it's probably safer not to have to worry about magics from the sentient books interacting with outside spells," he admitted. "Could I ask you to transmute this one to crystal, all in one piece? If you put your mixture into a hole in the top and fill the hollow interior it should make an excellent late-night light for the Hall in the meantime."

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