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I am looking to expand the Launceleyn family for juicy shenanigans! If you want in on it, and want a charrie in a family with a rich, well-developed back story please send me a DM and we can chat! I am kinda picky about them, I’ll be honest, cause they are my babies BUT I would love to add some more. There is some basic info below, most of which pertains to the family’s origins.

The Launceleyn Family

Size: Very Large

Status: Outlanders with Noble background

Race: All Abandoned, no exceptions

Family Head: Grant

Active Members: Grant, Odd, and Honey

Active Site Characters:

       Zariah Launceleyn | Grant | Head of the Family, Northaven

       Beatrix Launceleyn | Grant | Family Member

       Edrei Launceleyn | Odd | Family Member

       Neron Launceleyn | Honey | Family Member

       Peter Launceleyn | jyawnee | Adopted Family Member

Description: The Launceleyn Family is a very old and mysterious family that is known for producing incredibly powerful mages, particularly dark magic users. The familywhich originated in Northwind/Northaven lived in a compound that is a city unto itself that very few ever enter and even less ever leave. They are bound by a magical oath to serve the Kingdom of Northwind. The family is incredibly hierarchical and maintains impeccable genealogical histories to avoid the ill effects of inbreeding while maintaining strong magical blood. They utilize torturous training methods, particularly for dark magic users, to increase the speed of mastery and to strengthen the physical body to endure war. Members of this family tend to be serious, secretive, and incredibly loyal to their own. There is a sense of gender equality in the family, though women are expected to eventually settle down, marry, and bear children for the sake of continuing the family line. All those bearing the Launceleyn name are related in some manner, but in most cases it is very distantly so (just like all Smiths are related in some way but few are actually immediate relatives).

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