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I can hardly wait
to see you come of age.
It was past their bedtime which meant the boys were near giddy with excitement. It also meant Roana was exhausted but sometimes it was just easier to go along with the boy's demands. They wanted to paint pictures of stars so Safrin wouldn't bring the night back too soon because if she had pictures of the stars she couldn't miss them. Aunt Phoebe promised to take them to give them to her sometime but they needed to see the stars to paint them right of course.

So here they were, at the temple with their painting supplies. Roana had gotten them from the Artist Guild, and smartly laid a large piece of canvas on the ground so they wouldn't paint the floor accidentally and had them dressed in potato sacks so they wouldn't get paint on themselves. Well, not on their clothes anyways.

Did they look ridiculous? Probably. Did she care? Absolutely not. If it got her boys to stop obsessing over this catching the sun stuff she would be pleased as punch.
But I guess we'll have to be patient,
'cause it's a long way to go.
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"I was going to find something funny to say about this, but I'll be honest - I can't do it. It's too cute." Ronin sounded infinitely amused, his voice echoing softly through the temple. He had come to sit and think, as he often did these days. He thought about Vanya a lot, and about Loren and wherever he might be these days. He thought about Northaven and the good they had tried to do. But more often than not, he went full circle and returned to Vanya all over again.

It was why Aoife was with him tonight, the baby snuggled against his chest with her head tucked under his chin, her thumb firmly in her mouth. "What are you up to?" Ronin asked, stepping closer and arching an eyebrow as he gazed down at what the boys were doing. "Painting in potato sacks, huh? That's the life." He chuckled, arching an eyebrow and gazing at Roana for an explanation.

Darkness is a funny thing. It creeps up on you.

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