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Amalia Chandrakant
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JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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Amalia relaxes further at Ianto's reassurance, reaching out to gently stroke the snake beneath its chin. "Maybe you'll give us some good luck, hmm?" she murmurs, triggering a protective sort of envy from Jyoti, who returns to swim by Amalia's side, giving the reptile a sidelong glance.

She keeps her position in the back, still watchful and wary as they continue on. The fae are near: she does not doubt it, would not be surprised at all should they appear. Part of her wonders if the snake is one of them, shifted into a clever form to catch them unawares. She tries to shake this, to press on without trepidation, but Ianto's caution to be careful does nothing to ease her anxious mind. "Why?" Leopard ears rise on her head, more acute of hearing than the human auricles, turning and seeking dangerous sounds.

This was a terrible plan, the rational part of her mind screams. This is an important step, and a good adventure, the bold part replies. Regardless of all her conflicted anxieties, of one thing she is sure: Amalia would rather not be kidnapped again so quickly. She doubts Jigano and Deimos would be amused, to once more have to retrieve her from the fae because she followed Ianto's guidance.
Phoebe Steadman
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That the vines waved as they loosened their hold on the wagon made Phoebe grin and laugh a little. On instinct alone she waved back at the retreating vines. "Thank you very much for letting go of my friend's wagon. I hope you feel better." she said quietly to the little shriveling plant she had given a drink of water to. See? Kindness and good manners really could get a person quite far. You didn't always have to go running in, swords bare and swinging, cutting down everything that was unknown. Gentleness and respect could be just as powerful a weapon as any blade.

As they commenced their journey anew, Phoebe remained near the middle of the pack, watching Remi and Ianto curiously but staying quiet. When the forest seemed to darken though, encircling them in an oppressive canopy, she furrowed her brows in concern. "What should we be watching out for?" she asked quietly.
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