A message from the Shadows

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She’s been waiting. For hours. Until they’re all gone - the traitors, the beguiled, the weak - the easily-swayed and those who don’t know any better.

Minions. Sheep.

Under the guise of darkness, for that’s when she works best and she’d be a fool not to play to her strengths, a cloaked woman stalks soundlessly up to the Notice Board. Her lips curl beneath the dark brim, a harsh laugh flung towards the piece of paper.

Her arms lift, dark material hiding the flash of metal and internal thrum of satisfaction as three razor-sharp edges savage the proclamation and indeed, even the wood itself. Outlanders just fucking love the Notice Board. Let them see the newest message then, it speaks for itself.

The declaration of a ‘queen’ flutters to the stone floor.

Someone(s), or something disagrees with the declaration, and they’re leaving a bold sign for others who feel the same, as well as for the poorly-styled ‘queen’ herself.

And then the individual disappears, as quickly as they came. Only a fluttering cloak hem sounds in their wake.

Mischief managed. Seeds sowed. The temple is dark and quiet and empty once again.

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