Parchment for the queen
A letter for Zariah
Delah Tàirneanach
the Greatwood Guardian
War Chief

Age: 101 | Height: 4' | Race: Fae | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 5 - Strg: 11 - Dext: 30 - Endr: 25 - Luck: 28
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Queen Launceleyn,

My guards have not seen your red-haired ascended. His description has been added to their morning briefing.

As for Niambh, you may run your army as you wish. It is a shame though, she is quite the skilled warrior and could likely teach your ranks much.

However I write to you in regards to the incident at the Crimson Cataract recently. It has come to my attention that a number of the residents of the Hollowed Grounds found a dying undine at the center of the waterfall. I needn't tell you how rare these creatures are. She was apparently dying from the blight, and due to the acts of your people, she was miraculously healed.

In light of these events, please let your citizens know that they are free to wander the woods. For the time being our village is still off limits except to those given express permission from myself.

~Delah Tàirneanach

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