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Don’t go into the Woods, Wessex.

Protect the Woods, Wessex.

Why are you listening to a dead Fae, Wessex?

Y’all are bout to send her savior complex and perfectionism into overdrive, and the Wraith doesn’t have time for this mortal nonsense because she’s got a goddamn job to do. Several of them. Turns out putting together a fledgeling Kingdom mostly by yourself isn’t as easy as it seems. She can imagine that working one, where all the cogs are well-oiled, where everyone has a job and does it well (ha ha! Oh you precious, naive Queen), where she has people who know what they’re doing (she has those - kind of. They’re all fucking mad at this point) is doable as a single person.

In lands that aren’t Caido. In lands that don’t have the Blight! And weeks of perpetual darkness, where Monsters come out to kill.

It’s really no wonder why they never united behind a leader. Who would do it? Who would have the patience to lead a group of people who can’t be fucked to listen, let alone show up? All the curses on everything, all the stressors of feeling like she’s being pulled in a hundred directions and time is moving too quickly, events fly by and how can she be prepared? Grumbling and snarling and moving as quickly as she can through a dark forest (yes, well aware that planting Vi’s fucking rose and taking care of the Greatwood are in direct opposition to Delah),s he puts that superhuman speed to good use.

In. Use the map and find the Mathair again Plant the flower. Out.

When she does arrive at the base of the giant tree, Wessex squats and places the flower between her knees, releases her talons, and sinks them in to the frozen ground. With a twist and a yank, she clears dirt out and places the roots in, then refills the hole.

There. Is everyone happy now?

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Amun Arlun
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Amun was not happy. He had been hoping to get away from all the fucking bullshit this world kept throwing at him. Of course, best laid plans and all that. Not having any idea where he was going—and not particularly caring, so long as it was away—he’d made his way deeper and deeper into the forest, uncaring of his destination or that he was completely, hopelessly lost.

At least until he came upon a clearing that held an enormous tree, with more of those fucking Roses at its base. There was an unfamiliar woman with what appeared to be blades sticking out of her hands stabbing at the ground, and he groaned, pissed off that despite his best efforts, his feet had somehow taken him to one of the places that had randomly appeared in his mind.

Stalking forward, he called out to the woman. ”That’s one way to do it. Mind digging me a hole as well?” If she looked his way, she'd see that he was dressed in shorts and nothing else. Without a care for his own safety—if he died, at least he’d be released from this cursed existence—and regardless of whether she dug him a hole or not, he'd make sure one of his Roses was planted firmly in the ground. If he wasn't going to be able to escape this curse, then he'd get the planting over with as soon as possible.

This place sucked too, apparently.

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