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after fury
what do you do
The stretch of the unknown pressed and crooned before him – and in another time, another place, he might have welcomed the bestial, barbaric interludes, the sweeping tides of chaos threatening to curl and coil over them all. Except now he had friends and loved ones and the alarming weight of danger was an ignited abyss over the depths of his shoulders. It wasn’t enough for him to fall or flicker apart, to break into seams and strands, to unfurl and unravel in the darker corridors, because he couldn’t, wouldn’t.

He just didn’t know what else there was to be done – for Kiada, for Amalia, for Remi, for any number of people intending to leave and venture out into LongNight’s void, for any of those who would remain clustered and potentially out of harm’s way. The mantle of protection was something he’d picked up in primordial wakes and along ancient stones; incapable of truly ever shedding its layers.

Would a deity tell him? Was it worth the effort? The amount of times he’d even been answered could be counted on a single hand, and maybe it was simply just another thing to try, to attempt, and to endeavor, before aligning his motions elsewhere, one last round of preparatory action before night fell, no sun rising, and only monsters coming out to play.

So the beast stood there, before the shrine, Zuriel at his side, appearances as calm and composed when reality had long since sunk into his ribs and lungs and bones with a numbing, binding trepidation; likely incapable of peeling away until the ominous voids had passed, and those he cared for were safe and sound. He unfolded a few trinkets and baubles from cloth laden in his pockets, silver-etched and laced, adding some to the windchimes he’d already created what felt like eons ago – listening to them jingle and brush along the wind. His head bowed briefly, distinctly, and only the still, silent modicum of thoughts whispered in his mind, as much for Zuriel as it was for the goddess. What can I do for them?
with the remains?

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Honestly, this bad luck is a bit ridiculous but the dice have spoken even with the attuned modifier, and so none of the gods appear. But because this admin takes pity on heather A warm breeze wraps around the Sword and a voice seems to hum from within his bones. You have all you need, if only you look within. Guide them. Protect them. Love them.

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