Some Eyes Can Eat You
For Kaimana
Peter Launceleyn
Thief / Assassin

Age: 26 | Height: 5’3” | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 3 - Strg: 11 - Dext: 21 - Endr: 24 - Luck: 8
APRICUM - Mythical - Luxere (Magical darkness)
Played by: Johnny Online
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Good time for a change
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Peter doesn’t notice how close he’s gotten1, too overcome by concern and wonder both. An uncomfortable mix that is not at all helped by Kaimana’s answer, especially the part about a foundation. ”Is it,  the uh... the mushrooms going to hurt it? Apricum?” That is the most pressing question he needs answered, though he has a dozen more now, about the nature of a boy who makes things grow around him.

When the other moves, Peter does as well, as if he’s just now noticed how close he came in his worry2, and isn’t sure how to do anything more than shift, slightly, when what he wants is to pull away completely. Would it be rude to pull away again at this point?

Reaching out, Peter strokes a finger along the blooming ribs, pressing gently, like he’s checking for weaknesses, as if he’d be able to tell if there were any. ”If it is magic, then.. can mushrooms, and... and anything feed on it? The magic, not... not Apricum.” Truth be told, this was moving a little ahead of Peter, but he was still so interested. A spark of joy left Apricum as it was called fascination, stepping forward to bump its nose against the demigods knee, like a silent thanks.

1. At least not yet.
2. There it is.
can make a good man
turn bad
Base Code by Sky!
Peter is very heavily scarred, most noticeably on his hands


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