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Age: 32 | Height: smol | Race: Attuned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 0 - Strg: 108 - Dext: 42 - Endr: 8 - Luck: 4
Mowgli - Mythical - Crazy fire-breathing horse
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Thank you to all who completed our survey! We value everyone's input and though there are certain people I wish I could call out specifically for their super helpful comments, we couldn't have done it without all of you! Just because it makes me so happy to see, here are a few of my favourite comments:

  • This site has been a new haven for me and I can't be more appreciative.
  • Honestly, I really love the site. It's a fun get away at the end of the day, and very rarely feels like a chore to hop on and do replies.
  • This is the best roleplay site I've ever been on! It looks beautiful, has amazing lore (feels like a movie or book series!) and I love the pace of it. The active discord server is a plus too.
  • Super cool and way more detailed and thought out than any other site I've been on. Love it!
  • Odd/Honey have put a lot of work into this site and it really shows. Keep up the good work and just know your efforts and creativity are valued <3
  • If I could rate this site I'd give it a 99.9999999%! I think the admin problems are almost entirely because the admins are too overloaded and are after all, humans! Overall COTF is an amazing RP experience and this is the longest I have ever stayed on a forum. Thank you Odd/Honey <3 I know you are trying your best, and it shows!
  • Thank you for all the incredible work you've put into the site!

(Obviously there were lots of helpful (and not helpful) bits of feedback given, but honestly it's so nice read over and above a passing "hey good job" Q__Q)

IMPORTANT: If you'd like to chat with us about a comment you made that you don't think we're addressing/implementing and you'd like to talk to us about it, we'd love that! Feel free to nudge us in your individual group chats.

ALSO: There are a number of changes for how you can receive MP now. These changes are not retroactive.

SECTION 1: Overall Site

  • Most of you are happy here and aren't planning on leaving!
  • The site might move a bit/fast slow for you, but it stresses most of you out.

  • Most of you agree that we need more members.

Going to try and slow down plots as much as possible. From an OOC standpoint, the more of the world that's available to you, the more we feel we can just 'let things be'. As it is, only having the Hollowed Grounds and Halo (given you're blocked from the Greatwood atm) makes us feel like there isn't much for you to do (even in though in another sense you're overwhelmed with things to do). Our long-term goal is to get you to Torchline (the next area) with a bit of gentle prodding and then let things slow down organically from there. Then the plot can progress as it will while allowing for enough diversity to make things enjoyable.

SECTION 2: Admin stuff

  • omg you noticed we've been busy????
  • Most of you think some sort of moderator(s) are required

  • You want to know when updates are done

Well as almost all of you pointed out (except for two of you, bless whoever you are), you think we need help. To that end, we are bringing on Skylark and Shark as moderators! They will help with things like 'no' god responses, random events, drops, and maybe even the occasional KQ!

SECTION 3: Plot Things

  • Most of you find that things move along quickly, and that you're upset when you can't participate.
  • You're split on whether or not you'd like faster/more frequent god interactions vs. less frequent but more comprehensive interactions
  • You're okay with danger and death!

" Determing God interactions: some characters have such a disadvantage to getting a god interaction, and yet it is a basic requirement to level. It would be nice if there was some way to have a pass if the interaction is for levelling purposes, or this levelling requirement should be limited to those who are supposed to have luck with the gods. " and " I think that perhaps having a way to overcome some leveling hurdles might be helpful? Like for example, the site seems so heavily involved around the gods and shrines and what not, but if you have a character that just wants nothing really to do with gods or you have terrible luck you're kind of stuck."

    This is intentional. Some of you pointed out in the latter part of the survey that the abandoned are more powerful. Having their levelling requirements here be more difficult is what is meant to balance that out. (You can also spend MP to guarantee responses to combat this.)  The other reason that this applies across all characters, is that the site is god/lore heavy and you're meant to engage with it. Some of you have said that your characters don't fit into this arc. Unfortunately, as this is a heavily fantasy-based site, it is one of the things that we don't necessarily want to shy away from (hence the MP way around it); if you make a character that isn't suited for this site, you're going to have a harder time levelling them. But I'm not sure there's anything wrong with that.

" KQs are also a levelling requirement, but not all characters are combatant. It would be helpful if there were more breadth of KQs, things that are integral to plot advancement, but don't require you to be fighty to not die/ get far enough to be able to count it. "

    Similar comments apply here, though we will be adding a 'skip one levelling requirement' to the MP list. KQs are intentionally meant to be difficult, and though we all are looking for ways to quickly move up through the levels, there is something to be said about waiting for character-appropriate KQs to come about. And hey, if you're not fighty, feel free to say you simply stumble into one!

"  I have enjoyed the plot a lot. One thing I found frustrating was with the blight plot, how little impact our characters seemed to have no matter how much effort we put into stopping or solving it.     "

    Okay, this is more of just a transparency issue. Honestly, you weren't ever meant to stop the blight. It was a plot device we'd established months prior. Once we saw how hard everyone was working and the time invested, we felt badly that you weren't able to make any marked advances in halting it (hence the portal guardian prize for those who heavily contributed).

SECTION 4: Guidelines/Rules/etc

  • A more comprehensive FAQ section to make understanding things easier.

Currently working on a FAQ document cultivated from the Help-Desk that will be available. I'm also going to make a "CotF Site Features" page that outlines things like the account switcher, archiving, posting tables, etc.

SECTION 5: Other

  •  A few of you said the magic system/ascended system was hard to understand. For those that did, can you elaborate?
  • Most of you like the levelling system!
  • Some of you think the levelling system isn't balanced individually in a race, but also compared to other races

  • You like the MP system/the prizes

Updates to the MP prizes and their values based on your feedback! Have a look! The levelling system will have some adjustments as well to make things more clear and balanced.

A common comment was to list out companion species.

    The reason we haven't done this yet is that it hints at boards to come. Now I realize you all have an idea of what biomes are available, but some of the creatures we want to be discovered slowly. Also, given the areas currently available, it doesn't make sense to list companions that you don't have access to yet.

Some general comments were: Abandoned/ascended seem too powerful compared to attuned/accepted. Similarly there were comments that the ascended's early sunlight weaknesses being too limiting.

    This is intentional. Accepted/Attuned have an easier time moving through the world in terms of what races like them, the gods like them, etc. So while the abandoned and ascended for the most part aren't liked and have a harder time levelling, they're rewarded with more power. Also, the abandoned don't receive as many stats as the other races by far. The accepted receive almost 50% more stats than the abandoned do. So while there are lots of 'things' they can do, proportionately as you move through the levels, they're weaker. Same with the ascended; they are limited in early levels as to where they can be because of the sunlight. But that's only to compensate with how strong they eventually can become.

    Also, we never intended for the races to necessarily be balanced in terms of their strengths. It's more fun to run around as an animal than it is as an accepted, but it's more 'useful' to be a hated and comparatively weak abandoned. It's harder to be an ascended at early levels, but then you get quite strong, whereas the Fae are reasonably powerful/interesting in terms of shifts and magic, but can only get to level 5. So there are meant to be drawbacks and benefits to each race, but not in a way that makes them 'equal'  across the board at similar levels.

The Best
Incredible Incredulator

Age: 32 | Height: smol | Race: Attuned | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 0 - Strg: 108 - Dext: 42 - Endr: 8 - Luck: 4
Mowgli - Mythical - Crazy fire-breathing horse
Played by: Odd Offline
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Posts: 775
And in case you missed it in this wall of text, congrats to Skylark and Shark for being made moderators!

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