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If a tyrant came about indeed; missed chances and opportunities on that affront, with the rest of them churning and burning in their corridors and alcoves, striking at opportunities and grasping at straws. The aforementioned sovereign still reigned, elsewhere, in Halo, where Sunjata didn’t care for mountains and their chilling reaches. There were a hundred other things he could have delved into surrounding sedition and oblivion, the scorching layers of the revolution they’d opted for – and if it would matter, to press into the ranges and summits, to strive and strip away anything Zariah divulged or reigned upon. Instead though, drinks fulfilled and hours approaching later, recruitment supplied and catapults experienced – enough for one day, for any of them. He nodded as the newest soldier waned out into the evening, the rumble of his own throat, as he put away glasses and liquor remains, ensuing more convictions amidst the irreverent tides. “I will.” Then a nod, not as ominous, and they parted ways.

out for vengeance

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