Mini Event Gift Giving for Fiat Lux Event

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In the middle of the temple, a bowl appears. Who put it there? No one knows, but everyone knows what it’s for.

Secret gifts during Fiat Lux are an old tradition, usually something done between family members - but for this year, with all the new people in the Hollowed Grounds, it’s opening up to be a town-wide event.

Scraps of paper and pencils lay about the bowl, ready for a name and a wish to be written and swapped for the big day.



Welcome to The Gift Giving Ceremony of Fiat Lux! (yes yes, it’s a Secret Santa.)


1. Sign up using >this form<, giving your character name and what gift they would like, by December 7th.

2. Post in this thread with your character coming up to put their name in the bowl.

3. On Dec 7th, you will be given another characters name and gift wish via Discord PM.

4. Before Dec 21st, have 1 thread of your character preparing the gift! (The secret is IC, so you can talk about who it's for OOC)

5. On Dec 21st, we will have a mini event where everyone exchanges their gifts! (This is also where you will 'hand in' your preparation thread)


> Please only enter one character, so there's no chance of you having to give a gift to yourself.

> You can give magic items/useful gifts, if you spend the MP/have the ability to make them, but you are in no way expected to.

> With that in mind, please don't make your gift wish something magic or really powerful. The point of this is to have a cute fun thread, not to gain the most powerful item.


> Whatever lovely gift your character gets! ;P

> 20 MP for having both a preparation thread and participating in the mini event.

Feel free to ask me (Lam) for more details, not Odd/Honey! This is a Lam-Organised event.

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Bastien De Rosieres
Guildmaster / Artist

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Bastien loved fun secrets. Masquerades and romantic trysts, gifts exchanged without knowledge of the was all wonderful fun and Caido, in his opinion, needed far more of that.

So as soon as he knew such an event was occurring at the Temple, he was heading there, ready to put his name into the mix. On his way he thought idly of what he would request, though truthfully he was more excited for what he could give, if it would impress whoever it was he was to make it for. There was nothing more thrilling than seeing someone's delight upon receiving his art (for whatever it was that was requested, he would put in a creative flair, even if it was something dreadfully practical).

Writing his name with a flourish, he placed the paper into the bowl, excitedly staying for a while to watch who else would appear to join in.
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Melita Najya

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Something fun, something uplifting, something not dragging them all by the tethers and choking them down, was exactly up the youth’s alley. At the slightest mention of present exchanges, of secret, furtive gifts, the girl and her gourd had rampaged down towards the temple, intending to ensure they were a part of the amusements and diversions. Her own requests and wishes would likely be haphazard at best; generally appeased and appealed towards anything extended her way. What would be truly intriguing was what others were craving or desiring – and how on earth she’d manage to coordinate and put it together. A part of the challenge – and the youth loved a good provocation.

She hummed under her breath, making her way towards the bowl – pondering for a few moments, as if the notion of thinking before acting had finally crossed her mind – before writing her name, and a conflagration of wishes, lots of things to choose from, not picky in the slightest. Then she bounded back away, leaving it for others to fill – excited and ebullient for the opportunity. Perhaps it would become a traditional thing, and they had something more to look forward to for years to come.
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Amun Arlun

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After hearing the rumor that he could get free stuff if he just put his name in a bowl, Amun had immediately sauntered over to the temple, a wicked smirk dancing on his lips. Oh sure he was supposed to give something back or whatever, but he figured he could half-ass it. That’s how he got through most things after all.

So he grabbed a scrap of paper, scribbled his name and the gift he wanted on it in scratched out letters, (actually his handwriting was quite nice, in a wild sort of way) and then tossed it into the bowl. That done, he whistled a jaunty sea shanty as he walked away.
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Look. Couldn't it be argued that the best way to learn about something is by taking a hands on approach?

That's what you tell yourself as you bound up to the bowl, grinning excitedly at the prospect of a gift exchange. How fun! What a novel concept!

Taking a pen in your left hand and a paper in your right, you carefully scrawl your name across the paper, and the thing you want beneath. Then, satisfied, you drop it in the bowl before heading back to counting pollinators.

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A gift exchange sounded like a familiar idea. Oliver knew that he loved looking around the market. Doing this sounded like not only would it be the best way to get to know others, but also it would be a fun thing. He loved going out to find unique or interesting discoveries. Objects that could be easily missed. So why not join in?

Walking on over to the bowl, Oliver picked up a piece of paper and delicately wrote out his name. Then he tapped the pencil against his cheek a couple of times, deep in thought. Once the idea came to him, he hurriedly wrote it down. It wasn't as neatly written as his name, but it was still legible. With a small smile and a nod, Oliver folded the paper and placed it into the bowl to join the other papers.

Should be fun to see what everyone else chose to write down.
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Lily Balfour

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Lord, what fools these mortals be!
Lily walks up to the bowl in the temple and writes her name on a piece of paper.

Idly twirling a loose lock of hair around her finger, she waits to draw a name in return.

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Sunjata Senzaok
Arbiter / Guildmaster

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the flood
He spots the bowl, spots the people moving to it and scribbling items they wish to get down, before putting it in the bowl. And he’s intrigued by it. They had never done this in Korofi, and based off of the most recent of events, he could likely use something to put his mind to.

So he drifts closer, writing his name legibly along the top, spending a moment to scribble out some ideas of things he might want. It’s difficult, really, because he has no idea what to ask for, what he thinks he might deserve. After a moment of thinking he writes out a few options to choose from, folding the paper up and sticking it back in the bowl, and slipping away to see what he might have to do for someone else.
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Jigano Silversmith
the Sage
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Twas the night before Fiat Lux, and all through the Temple
Eight creatures were stirring, and the reason was simple

The bowl was placed in the center with care
in hopes that some names would soon be found there

Most townsfolk were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of grilled 'Vermis Danced in their heads.

But Bastien de Rosieres was first to arrive
Melita soon followed to see what was inside.

More people soon joined, they came in with a clatter
With greed or good-will to partake in the matter.

Away to the bowl they flew like a flash
Adding their names in to the fast-growing stash.

The lanterns burned brightly to welcome them there
In the spirit of giving, each gift to prepare.

And last came a snowy-haired songster so sly
Slipping in at the end with a wink of his eye.

He tickled the chin of a gryphlet so small
Twas a wonder she bonded a person so tall!

"Now what have we here?" he asked with a grin
And, peeping, she snuggled right up to his chin.

No visions of sugarplums came through their bond
But she gave him a picture with which to respond.

He laughed at the image, so pure and so warm
And in the blink of an eye he'd filled out the form.

He signed with a flourish, not one name but two!
And he wrote down a gift that would certainly do.

Then back the bard stood, next to Lily the fair
While Isuma chirruped and leaped to the air.

They waited, and wondered, and pondered, and thought
On the name that they'd get, and the gift that was sought.

Would Jata want booze? And would Amun want toys?
Would Lily want something that could make a sweet noise?

Would Kaimana want squirrels? Or some social clues?
Would Ollie want trinkets, or a new pair of shoes?

For fiery Melita perhaps something sharp?
Had Jigano put in for a shiny new harp?

They would find out before the festival's end
And maybe with a new gift they'd find a new friend!
Phoebe Steadman
Midwife / Halenani Madame
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Oh, well what sort of fun was this! A gift exchange? Chosen by a random draw? Phoebe was quick to make her way over to the bowl and waited her turn. She didn't particularly want anything, so as her flowing hand wrote down her name an a present idea, she was already many steps ahead. What would this person want? How would she make it? She was crafty but she hoped it wasn't anything too complicated!

Then quietly she dropped her piece of paper in the bowl, smiling brightly. Sex wasn't invovled, but she thought Frey would approve of this sort of randomized fun!
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Peter Pikely
Citadel Spymaster

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It was late, perhaps too late, but Peter had heard of a gift exchange. One of the things he’d learned, since coming to Caido, since being able to be soft, was that he loved giving gifts. So he snuck into the temple, a scrap of paper clutched in his hand, already scrawled on. If he was late, then he was, but he hoped he wouldn’t be.
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