Mini Event Nature Red in Thorn and Claw
Maea Valair

Age: 22 | Height: 156 cm / 5'1 ft | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Natural
Level: 5 - Strg: 13 - Dext: 17 - Endr: 21 - Luck: 11
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Big dreamers shoot for open skies
Maea flashed a grin at Quanil when Jigano supported their idea of an excursion, quite excited at the idea of doing something practical. While she loved the writing and copying work for the Guild as well, the prospect of doing something would always brighten her spirits.

She would keep writing down the information and questions as well as subsequent answers until the end, but Maea shook her head to indicate she had no further questions. No doubt her eager new colleague might though; so far they had not disappointed in that regard.

Permission granted for magic/violence, short of killing.
Unless otherwise stated, Maea is always wearing Ludo's Rags around her shoulders.

Age: 17 | Height: 5'7" | Race: Accepted | Nationality: Natural
Level: 1 - Strg: 10 - Dext: 12 - Endr: 13 - Luck: 10
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Anything with the word "bone" in the name was something their parents would have had a fit about, so while Quanil had heard of the Bone Bridge, they'd never been allowed near it. "What's on the other side of the Bone Bridge?" It crossed a chasm, so surely it had, at one point, been an important means of travel. From one part of the Ruins to...? Just more Ruins? "Is it actually made of bone? Are they human bones or from some giant creature? Did the Kappa kill it? Did the Kappa make the bridge?"

They didn't have any questions about the landshark; they'd lived with the possibility of sudden shark-y death all their lives.

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