Personal Quest [se] don't moss with me
Amun Arlun

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Amun had been drafted to collect as much snow moss as possible in preparation for LongNight. It wasn't exactly a difficult task, but he was taking it quite seriously. He had several sleds, currently empty, and many sacks, also empty. Giving the horses hitched to the sleds a wide berth as they eyed him suspiciously, he stood patiently.

Having never gathered the moss before, he also had many knives and other tools that might be useful in pulling it off the trees. All he needed now was a bit of help. After posting the note, he was hopeful that at least a few people would show up to assist him.

This is a PQ to help gather snow moss. There are currently 3 open spots, but more can be made available upon request.

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Loreseekers should always help! And it was Mr. Amun, so Quanil was extra glad to show up and help out! Besides, they were a Natural; they'd been through more than one LongNight (perhaps even one more than they knew of, since their parents were still mum on whether or not they'd been born during LongNight or not).

So Quanil showed up with their staff, all smiles, bright and early. They were happy to show off the orange-and-yellow hat with the ear-covering-flaps (and the pom-pom on top) that their sister had made for them to keep them warm. "I'm here to help!" they announced dramatically.

And then they dropped back into a normal tone of voice. "How have you been, Amun?" They only paused a little where the "Mister" should have been.
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He hadn't had much interaction with Amun since last LongNight, and my, how the seasons had flown. When he'd seen the other man in groups it had usually been at Wessex's heels, and though he certainly had opinions about that, the week of darkness was no time to let personal feelings get in the way of survival, so he swallowed those opinions down and headed over to help with the snow moss gathering after seeing the note.

He arrived in human form, thick white cloak of furs wrapped warmly around him as he made his way to the gathering spot. He gave Amun a polite nod, and Quanil a smile as Isuma fluttered overhead and found a high branch to perch on. "Good to see you again," he murmured fondly to his youngest Seeker. "It's been too long."

He moved over to calm the ponies with his Beastmaster ability, patting noses and murmuring soothing words as he checked them over for signs of who their owner was. Rare as true horses were in the Grounds, he knew Rory would want to know about potential new breeding stock for Talys and Esaia.
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