Drop and the ice sea cracks all around
Amun Arlun

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As their ice drifted further and further apart, Amun grinned. However, it turned into a smirk that was more like baring his teeth at Nate's words. "I knew it!" The potter flipped the "doctor" off.

Then Amun turned to face the sea. As the latest weird fucking choice or decision or whatever floated through his admittedly fractured mind, his smirk deepened. Without missing a beat he headed towards the edge of the ice, staring at the sea and then the horizon.

"I'll jump," he declared. "I'm not afraid of falling. I've done it so many times already." Laughing, he bent his knees slightly. Then he sprang into the air.

Amun chooses to jump.

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Saiden Hali
Smuggler / Cook

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Saiden grinned as their ice came together. Immediately, he headed towards Amalia, to drape his cloak over the Shield, uncaring what she or anyone else might think of his truth. Glancing at the unknown woman, he winked. "You're in luck. I'm pretty sure Amalia's last name is Chandrakant." With that, he hunkered down against the cold.

Of course, then the words came from the sea itself, or so it seemed. Arching an eyebrow, he looked around at their little group, which had managed to reconstitute their ice without any problems. "Sticking together has worked for us so far. So I'm going to stay."

Saiden chooses to stay.

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Seraphina Magnus
The Artificer

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She’s hoping to get as far away as she can. But it seems it has other plans, her gaze following the platform as it crashes together and she stumbles again, dropping to her knees once more in the ice. She hears Loren’s complaint, a glare cast in the man’s direction. She wants to snap something witty to him, about how much of a fuck she gives that she wasn’t honest to him.

And then there’s Luci, crawling along the ice toward her and she shakes her head — not having the time to process anything. She meets the Hammer’s gaze, and moves to stand unsteadily on the platform, and glances around for her other fellow Order members before she jumps into the frozen sea.

Sera jumps!
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Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Portal Guardian
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Together they're able to reunite, the bridges built out of difficult truths. Amalia smiles gratefully to Saiden and pulls the cloak around her shoulders, but it's the girl who confuses her, captures her attention again. "The l-l-lost Ch-Hhandrakant?" she repeats, confused, her brows furrowed as she shivers. "W-w-what does that m-mean?" Saiden earns a reproachful glance for revealing that the Shield is a Chandrakant herself, but as far as the girl is concerned she can't be the one who's meant.

Amalia isn't lost, after all. Not physically, at least.

Whatever this means, it's something she can avoid for now. Saiden suggests sticking together, but Amalia shakes her head, shrugging off the cloak and inching towards the edge of the ice. "W-what if someone d-d-down there needs h-help?" she whispers. Despite her own poor swimming prowess and the fact that she's wingless and stripped of ability, the urge to protect remains. "I'm g-going in... oh. B-before I do-" She turns to the stranger with an awkward smile. "I d-don't k-know wh-who you're l-looking for but I'm A-Amalia. Amalia Ch-Chandrakant."

Then she jumps into the freezing water, gasping at the cold.

Amalia jumps into the water.

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Morgan Aristomache
the Glacier
Warden of Halo

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Thankfully, she began to drift away from Nate and Amun. Morgan did not hold contempt for Ascended anymore, but those two in particular had seemed rather insufferable. Maybe they'd be better when they weren't in the throes of their sickness, but for the moment she was glad to be on her own. Maybe she'd get an eye on Loren and Neron again, since she was only here to try and look after them (impossible task it was).

Morgan had grown up in the ice and the snow and knew better than to dive into freezing cold water, magical cloak or not. Kneeling on the ice with her hands on her knees, she waited.

Morgan stays.
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Falke Guildenstern
The "Fixer"

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Jump or stay? What kind of ultimatum-placing spirit is doing this? One unique to Halo? Falke keeps his back to wherever Neron might have drifted off to, guilt at leaving a person out alone on the icy water comingling with the knowledge that he’s an Ascended, and therefore he cannot lend any assistance. Cannot. Will not. Extending a hand to Chulane, Falke looks fairly serious, acutely aware of the risks of hypothermia in the water and the instability of everything around them.

“Thank you for trust me. Please don’t jump.” Because that, too, would be another way to commit suicide, wouldn’t it? To sink beneath the icy waters, breath it all in and end it in choking numbness. Though this is a mystical encounter, the Fixer does not believe that the water is the answer. “I can’t imagine your lover would want you to.” At first impression, the man doesn’t seem like the type of person to bond with someone evil and Falke’s ability to surface read people is fairly strong.


Falke stays and asks Chulane to do the same.

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Nate Wren
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For a single moment, Nate could see it, the belief on Amun’s face. Delight glittered in his one bright eye, sharp grin growing and growing until he can’t feel his cheeks. And when that moment shatters, when the potters smile twists, grows fangs, Nate throws his head back and laughs, cackles, the sound ringing in his ears, over the ice. Whether it echoes forever, or just for him, doesn’t matter.

It’s a good thing he’s already sitting when the ice begins to move, steadying himself an impossibility, the way he still laughs, now in the face of silent instructions. There’s no choice, none at all. Nate has to remain on the ice, can’t chance the water. The cold is already bad enough, he doesn’t need to go diving to make it worse. And with the way he’s drifting, away from the accursed potter, he’s going to reach the egg in no time. Obviously.

Nate stays put!
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Amaris Chandrakant
The Blade

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"What-?!" It was all she could say, all she could think, as they came together, as the sailor's words hit her. Golden depths looked over the woman, saw her for all she was - the Chandrakant who survived, the last of the line outside of Stormbreak. Oh but she wanted to reach out, to pull her in close, to talk and share and hold--

"No-" she says again, surging forward, hesitating as the woman dived in. Amaris had little care for the others who might have jumped - but she watched the one she'd been searching for leap into the water, there was little else for her to do but follow. She'd come this far, after all.

Somewhere in the distance, a dragon crooned a sharp and sorrowful note, for though he could discern exactly what was going on, he could sense enough to know his bondmate was putting herself into great danger without him. On the ice, Amaris looked to the sailor apologetically, before taking a leap into the water, after her cousin, the lost relative, the last branch of a family tree long since spread across the continent.


Amaris jumps in the water after Amalia.
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