we know very well who we are
Lena <3
Seraphina Magnus
The Artificer

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// down by the river i was drawn by your grace, into tempest of oblivion and to the lover's place
i was stuck in a puddle, full of tears and unwise, dark doings now i know, that we've paid unlike //
Exactly.” She snickers, thinking of her sister disappearing and reappearing in a different space entirely, imagining the antics it would bring. There’s a sigh that leaves her when Lena grows perhaps a bit more amused to the idea as well, a softness that creeps over the Artificer’s face. “I would too.” Because she’d absolutely play along with it, the idea of it all, innocent and unknowing.

However, she offers Lena a bright smile in agreement to the line of work her sister had picked, chosen, loved so far. And without much else to add, she moves to stand from her space on the chair, ensuring she doesn’t bother Levi too much before she offers her hand to her sister. “Let’s make dinner. I’m starved.” It’s a quiet hum, an encouragement, and once her sister is standing she breezes to the kitchen within her apartment, pulling out ingredients for an easy dinner.

— FIN! <3

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