Personal Quest step out of the sun if you keep getting burned
Juniper Dubois

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Damn, damn, damn. Juniper glared at her bow and slung it over her back, deeming it too dangerous to try to use the weapon again -- not when it could spread the fire further, an outcome she hadn't anticipated. Instead she reached for her hunting knife, but when she noticed Deimos' water magic coming, she decided to go back to what had worked for her and use her illusions again, making loud noises and flashing lights around the flinthopper, except in one direction: towards the fire -- and Deimos' water magic about to impact it. With any luck, the bug would be driven that way; maybe they could drown it.

Juniper did draw her knife as well, moving to the spot where she felt her semicircle of scary illusions was weakest. If the flinthopper came her way, she'd skewer it, and end the problem that way -- if she was quick enough to catch an insect in flight.


Juniper once again uses her magic to herd the flinthopper, this time towards Deimos' water magic (and the fire he's trying to put out). And she's drawing her knife and readying herself to stab the flinthopper if that fails and it comes towards her.
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the Firebrand
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Even more water magic poured out of Loren and Deimos. Neither of their efforts this time were particularly strong or directed, perhaps because they were tired from all they'd already done.

However, they were sufficient to finish the job: although a few small fires still smoldered here and there, the worst of it had been contained and the trees were safe. The underbrush would be cleared as intended with minimal damage to the forest.

Unfortunately, the General's attempt to deal with the flinthopper and the flames at the same time would fail. Luckily, Juniper's illusion magic was so well done that it sent the bug scrambling straight into some of the remaining blaze. It sizzled and twitched just once before it died.

And then they were done. Breathing heavily, the Firebrand healed himself and then the other two. "Thanks." Swallowing, mouth dry, he stared at the direction the fire had come from. "I hate to think what would've happened if you hadn't shown."

Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair. "I should...go rest. And get cleaned up." He plucked at his clothes, which were singed, covered in soot and ash, and smelled of smoke. "I'll hopefully see you both around." With that, he turned to go, leaving the other two to get on with whatever had brought them to the Greatwood.

This PQ has now concluded! Thanks all.



Force and magic can be used against Loren without permission.

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