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Remi Taliesin
the Lullaby

Age: 25 | Height: 5'11 | Race: Demi-god | Nationality: Outlander | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 9 - Strg: 60 - Dext: 40 - Endr: 65 - Luck: 44
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It was no secret that Remi Taliesin was now a resident of the Greatwood. For years and years only Ianto and Delphia had the honour of living properly among the fae. Though the alchemist was dwelling in Vai's old cabin in the woods and not in the village, still he knew his presence had been felt throughout the Greatwood.

For better or worse, they were all going to have to work together now. Having left a note on the notice board to let the remaining fae know of his intentions to hold a meeting to discuss the reason he was in their woods, and what Vi and Mort had instructed him to do, Remi waits in the village. Having one been governor of Torchline, having been in strange positions that required leadership, the alchemist is not so bumbling and awkward in front of crowds as he might once have been. Still, he doesn't wear the mantle of leadership well, even more so with Ronin around him to provide his unwavering support. But, this isn't about him, as Mort and Vi made clear.

So here he is, standing beneath the dappled sunlight; this non-soldier in charge of creating a stronghold against the ascended.
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Alina Estarr

Age: 53 | Height: 4' 10'' | Race: Fae | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 3 - Strg: 12 - Dext: 13 - Endr: 16 - Luck: 13
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As promised Remi had called a meeting with the Fae. Also as promised, Alina showed up to hear him out and likely help coordinate their efforts. This time, she came weaponless besides the knife at her belt, walking up. Glancing around at the Village, she frowned when she saw she was the only one openly there.

"I might be the only one to show," she warned. "Unless you had any luck contacting Delphia?" With that, she went to go sit on a nearby root, falling silent. Picking up a stick, she began to whittle at it, needing something to occupy her hands and minds as she waited for the meeting to actually start.
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Juniper Dubois

Age: 51 | Height: 4'8 | Race: Fae | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: 2 - Strg: 12 - Dext: 13 - Endr: 11 - Luck: 10
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Juniper found herself running late to the meeting -- she'd lost track of time while getting ready -- and arrived somewhat flustered, just in time to hear Alina's words.

"I'm here!" she said, blushing a little. "Sorry for running late."

Like Alina, Juniper was unarmed except for her belt knife -- she didn't usually wear her bow when she wasn't hunting, and she didn't imagine any violence would break out at this meeting. She certainly didn't intend to raise a hand against a demigod -- not a demigod of the Old Gods, anyway; the possibility of violence with the Voice's chosen remained -- much less one bringing them the gods' will.
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