Be Thankful for Family In All Its Forms
For Henry
Belril Sylminar

Age: 16 | Height: 5'3" | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Level: 0 - Strg: 10 - Dext: 10 - Endr: 10 - Luck: 5
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Every day's a challenge
But I always seem to get through
Both the Abandoned and the Attuned were walking back from the fields to the settlement, the former's eyes looking every which way in order to avoid strange happenings to him. After almost a full year living on his own, it's a habit that's not easy to break by this point.

" is your family like," Belril asked of Henry, who has had to spend a little bit more energy than normal to keep up with the longer-legged person he was traveling with and was breathing somewhat-heavy as a result. Belril wasn't mad about the energy drain, no one asked to be as tall or short as they were...but he would appreciate someplace to sit when they got to where he was being led to...
Each day's a balancing act
Of good and bad events

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