[SEASONAL EVENT - CLOSED] the longest night of my life
TW for death
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Ronin sat in the corridor of the guildhall in the dark. The lanterns had guttered out some time ago and the fires were low. The cold worked its fingers into the walls, the floor and his bones, and were it not for the soft glow of Luxere antlers through the windows, the shadows would be infinite.

It was deafeningly silent.

The first couple of days of LongNight had been as expected. Dark, ominous, and full of creeping about and cracking jokes and getting bored of being locked inside. Vanya had been in good spirits, despite being too pregnant to do much more than suffer through Ronin's attempts to entertain her.


She had been.

The possibility of the baby arriving during LongNight hadn't remotely occured to Ronin until it had happened, and he had been caught with panic in his throat and a sickening lack of knowledge or preparation. Vanya, though - she had done this before with her siblings, and whilst it wasn't the same when it was happening to you directly, her calm, her bravery and her confidence had been unshakeable.

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to go, and the couple had been at the mercy of nature in all of its wonder and its cruelty. But they had done it, through some stroke of luck or another - together, but with Vanya responsible for the lion's share of the work, of course. In the bedroom of the home that they had made, with every towel and every drop of hot water that Ronin could get together, in blood and sweat and screaming...

Vanya had brought their daughter into the world.

And she was perfect. Healthy and perfect, and those first few hours had been a bliss that Ronin would hold in his memories fiercely, like a precious flame against the ice of winter.

But Vanya... hadn't stopped bleeding. Couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop.

It didn't matter how much they tried to stem the flow, or how desperately Ronin had searched for answers or treatment in the limited supplies of the guildhall.

It just wouldn't stop.

Vanya had known, Ronin realised belately, that their story only had one ending from there.

He had held her as she grew pale and weak in his arms. He had whispered to her softly, about finding her family, about joining her with the rest of the Hali clan and their new addition. He had told her that he loved her and that he always would, and that they would see each other again. She had slipped away then, awash in crimson, in a room where the air smelled like copper.

Ronin sat in the corridor of the guildhall in the dark. The lanterns had guttered out some time ago and the fires were low.

And a baby squalled in the room where he had kissed Vanya goodnight for the very last time.

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