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A peninsula of fertile, rolling hills. Spanning some 300km, the uneven terrain makes travel across this relatively short distance a lengthy affair, taking up to two weeks on foot. Nestled among the slopes, strange monoliths mark the existence of crypts buried deep beneath the soil. It is rumoured that this is the burial place of former gods, though this has never been proven.

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The Barrows
A grassy plateau speckled with burial mounds - barrows, ancient tombs for long departed souls. Hundreds stretch across the distance, each holding an iron door within a stone frame. Mist perpetually envelops the area, muffling all sound and staggering the senses.
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Queen's Gambit
An enormous and beautiful rose garden nestles among the slopes of King's End. The hedgerows form an intricate maze with a literal mind of its own; stories say that a cutting from these hedges was used to sow the Labyrinth in the Hollowed Grounds. The maze is nowhere near as simple as it first appears, and the hedges are wont to move around on a whim, so the layout is constantly changing.
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For those who do not wish to venture into the Barrows, an area exists along the fringes of the hills. Quiet and peaceful, Mourn is a place of reflection dotted with stone benches and spaces to leave flowers, lanterns and other such offerings.
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Along the southern coast of the peninsula and running parallel to the ocean, what was once a bustling road leading into King's End is now overgrown and deserted. What's more, the Boondocks ends quite suddenly at the water's edge, as if the road was once much longer but has since been eaten by the sea. Ships often mistake the area for a pier and risk running aground if they sail too close; indeed, the skeletons of several shipwrecks rock wistfully in the shallows.
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