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The Settlement - Rules

The Settlement is perhaps the only area of the Ruins that looks moderately habitable and not completely run down. This is where the Naturals do most of their trading and where merchants and other peddlers set up their wares for sale and trade.

Current merchants and shops:

  • Devas Bakery - Run by Amalia Chandrakant
  • Wordsworth Books - Run by Samuel Wordsworth

Forums in 'The Settlement'
Ironbolt Penitentiary
A prison created by Zariah Launceleyn during her reign as Queen, the Ironbolt Penitentiary is a cold and formidable place. With reinforced cells capable of holding quite powerful prisoners, the prison is not a place you want to remain for long if not strictly necessary.
Artisan's Guild
Nestled just off of the great road in the Settlement is the Artisan's Guild. Composed of many different artisans throughout the Hollowed Grounds and beyond, the market itself is a covered giant bazaar of every sort of ware imaginable. Each member has their own stall to sell or advertise their products/items/offerings. Off to the side of the market is the guildhall, which is really a glorified workshop and meeting space where members can discuss their different methods, offer advice, or simply chat and work with other creative minds.
The Artisan's Guild :: 01-06-2020, 09:05 PM :: by Court Official
Devas Bakery
A staple of the Settlement, Devas Bakery has stood for as long as anyone can remember. The small, cozy shop boasts one small countertop, a table for customers, a small statue to the Old Gods, and a garden full of herbs and lilacs. What it lacks in grandeur it make up for in scent: the aroma of fresh-baked bread permeates the very wood, luring in many an unsuspecting passerby.
Military Barracks
Beside the remnants of the Monster Hunter's guild, the military barracks stands as a means of defense, including an armory, residences for any soldiers, and a front room to organize and orchestrate any offensive/defensive maneuvers for the Hollowed Grounds. The back fields include a training grounds, with targets and available space for drills and practice in all manner of weaponry.
swimming in everything yo... :: 11-11-2020, 02:05 AM :: by Amun
Monster Hunter's Guild
Built among the remains of the previous Monster Hunter’s Guild, this one you’ll find isn’t quite as grand as its predecessor. Wooden walls accompanied with a bounty board in the front as well as a trophy room near the back, it’s geared a bit more towards information and putting together hunts. There’s a bookshelf in the corner that holds most descriptions and information from encounters, as well as plenty of places to relax after a hunt or simply to get away.
Wordsworth Books
This thin store in a row of buildings is dim inside, the windows painted with a grey film; candles keep it lit. Shelves line the walls up to the ceiling and down to the floor and in the middle of the room a spiral staircase, also surrounded by books, leads up to a small reading area in the attic. It's not unusual for there to be a warm cosy fire burning, or for Sam's cat, Mia, to be sleeping on the windowsill.
to sink into a good book :: 11-28-2020, 02:51 PM :: by Samuel

The Settlement
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