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A veritable wasteland of snow and ice. Once hospitable, the tundra is now a world of death preserved on ice. What will kill you first? The elements? Going snow-blind? Or the monsters that roam this endless and flat vista?

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Sea of Glass
A partially frozen inland sea, sheets of ice spider across the surface of the Sea of Glass as it ebbs and flows towards the ocean. The surface of these sheets may appear sturdy, but water elementals frequent the area and are wont to crack any steady footing a traveller might find. Towards the centre and visible from the Citadel walls, a gargantuan, serpentine skeleton protrudes from the ice - a mighty, prehistoric relic attempting to escape its frozen tomb.
The Fangs
The mountains that once crowned Halo have lost their jagged edges these days. Many caves and peaks have collapsed, baring the endless labyrinth of tunnels and abandoned mines to the open sky. Whilst many of these routes remain accessible, melting ice has submerged others in deep, freezing water. Regardless, rare deposits of Mageglass may still be found here, buried in the rock. Also nestled within the Fangs, an open air hotsprings fills the area with heady steam. Frey-made, it covers an area of about 40 square metres and will never freeze over, providing a welcome reprieve from the cold. These springs possess Mastered-Level healing waters. If bottled, this water can be used to heal while in Halo. Once removed from Halo's borders, it becomes regular water.
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The Frostfields
The black sands of Svaturis Bay melt, little by little, into the pale expanse of the Frostfields. Named so for the endless hoarfrost that coats this grassland, the area is near silent but for the crunching steps of the creatures that travel through it. Not that these creatures are visible; the Frostfields are plagued by a consistent, thick mist, making it difficult to orient oneself, and very easy to get lost.
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Svaturis Bay
As a result of volcanic activity, a near endless stretch of hard black sand along Halo’s southwest coast reaches out towards the freezing ocean. During low tide, boulder-sized deposits of ice turn this beach into a glacial graveyard, and anyone brave (or stupid) enough to test these waters risks a death that is anything but metaphorical. Bullets of ice shoot through these ruthless currents below, reaching speeds of up to 100kmph.
The Hollow Forest
An eerie grove of trees slices through Halo’s newfound greenery. Huddled together, branches dark and leaves as black as ink, the Hollow Forest carves a vertical pathway up through the region. With metallic bark that captures sound in every dip and groove, a chorus rises in the trees whenever the wind picks up; a choir of kalimbas and steel drums, singing to those who wander in their midst.
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The Greenwing
Named for the great swathes of foliage that fan out overhead and below, this part of Halo is dense with ferns, grasses and trees. Made fertile by the rich volcanic soil beneath, the Greenwing boasts impressive flora and fauna and clear, sweet streams for swimming and fishing. Be wary, though - for all of its charm, the chill here is still profound even during the day, and the nights are freezing.
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