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Battered by magical disaster and shattered from the mainland during the Second War, this former glacial desert has finally begun to thaw. Around 800km across and 1000km tall, Halo is no longer caged by mountains and instead boasts sprawling beaches of black sand which fade into greenery and woodlands. However, not all forests are created equal. A dense spray of strange, dead trees leads to Halo’s heart of ice; a frozen gem settled against the shores of an inland sea, the Citadel stands as a proud bastion of civilisation amid a sudden spray of northern greenery. Travelling from one end of Halo to the other on foot takes just over one month.

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The Citadel
An icy jewel nestled along Halo’s northern border, the Citadel is a large and thriving civilisation. The city walls are steep (some 35ft high) and well guarded, and a magical dome protects against any inclement weather. Within, a Frey-forged greenhouse ensures that delicacies from across Caido are available to all citizens. Food and fuel is plentiful, and comfort is easily found here.

The Citadel also contains the following: Rainbow Gate | If activated by a character with Halovian citizenship, the rainbow gate can target 1 60ft sphere anywhere within Halo. Protects those within for 2 posts. Requires a 5 post cooldown between uses. Must be deactivated by a character with Halovian citizenship.

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A haunting wasteland of snow and ice. Once hospitable, the Tundra is now a world of death preserved on ice. What will kill you first? The elements? Snow-blindness? Or the monsters that roam the endless cold?
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