Character Applications & How to Apply

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    How to apply
    Before you begin: Make sure you have created an OOC account, as only OOC accounts have permission to post in this board.

    1. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of this post. Create a new thread and title it with the name of your OOC name and your character. (Example: Odd | Remi Abruzzo)

    2. Fill out thoroughly and please use the resources available in the Guidebook to ensure that your profile and application contain the best possible information.
    • Confused about races? Click here to read more about them.
    • Confused about stats? Click here to read more about them.

    3. Once done, please make a note on the bottom of the thread marking it as "complete" so that an administrator can review your application.

    4. Check back and make sure that there are no notes from the admin team that require your attention and/or updating!

    5. Your rank/stats/magic/shifts/etc will be updated automatically for you when you are approved!

    Please copy and paste the code below into a new thread.

    Currently, if your character is an Outlander they will portal-in appear somewhere near The Spire in The Hollowed Grounds. This does not need to be your first thread, but do remember that this is now part of their backstory.

    [username] (your profile should be completely filled out)
    My character is an: (Attuned, Ascended, Abandoned, Accepted, Fae)
    If Attuned: What is their first animal shift?
    If Abandoned: What is their first base magic?
    My character is an: Outlander (arrived in Caido via a portal) or Natural (Born in Caido)
    My character's profession is:

    Age and season of birth:

    Stat distribution (You have 35 points to distribute. 10/10/10/5 is a fairly standard array)

    My profile is complete: Yes/No

    To see a completed application, please click here.

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