i hate dreaming of being alone
Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Hand of the Queen / Baker
Portal Guardian
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JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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you're staring at the sky
watching stars collide
After the strange firelit challenge Amalia slips away, falling back into shadows, bewildered and bemused. This has been a night of changes: of forays far outside her homeland, of new forms and new figures and half-discovered shifts. And so she returns to her form mot comfortable, gowning herself in fur and claw before returning back to the quiet of the trees.

Alas, the way back is not so clear as the trail through the woods. Armed with nothing but her leopard skin, Amalia quickly finds herself lost, her wide eyes useless in the gloomy dark, better suited for the pale hours of dawn and dusk. The forest is a labyrinth, encircling and enveloping, and though her hearing and scent are heightened she cannot seem to find her way. The trees are oppressive, overbearing, a cage. There is nothing like this in the Hollowed Ground, and while under different circumstances the girl may appreciate their majesty, tonight she can only see the shadows that dance beneath the boughs. Thundering heartbeat ringing in her ears, the leopard gains speed as she streaks through the brush, a swatch of silver in the midnight green, a desperate thing caught in a cage.

At last the woods seem to open up: a flicker of moonlight can be seen ahead, promising space among the giants that crowd her, moaning and groaning and willing her ill. Amalia barrels toward the clearing, elated and hopeful, yearning to escape, claws tearing furrows into the ground as she bursts to the trees and discovers--

A shrine.

The leopard stops short, eyes widening in wonder as she takes in the starlight-painted scene. Figures and statues circle the clearing, likenesses carved in varying skill. Returning to human form, Amalia steps among them with wonder, her bare feet leaving soft indents on the loam. She is too entranced to wonder why she can see, to realize the avian quality her dark eyes have taken; too amazed to wonder why she is not cold, or notice the way her body has taken on a layer of short, protective fur, her feet a set of soft, strong, feline pads. Ludo, Frey, and Safrin; Mort, Rae, and Vi. All are there, represented, familiar and strange, beautiful and untouchable.

At last the girl draws to a stop, a figure having captured her breath. Kneeling into the cool earth, Amalia reaches out with a wavering hand to caress a face she has seen only once. "Vi," the girl breathes in the silence, her long fingers ghosts over his hewn cheek. "I've called and called, but you never came... never could. You locked us away with our demons, who we were meant to stay and guard."

She drops her hand and sighs, staring into the sky. "But now we're out, and so are the demons... what will it mean for the rest of the world?"

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A warm wind surrounds the shape-changer. It hugs the curves that she has as well as the ones she might have in other forms. Indeed, the breeze is not unlike the way she was once held by Frey: total. Complete. Knowing.

Your time will come... the breeze seems to whisper and around Amalia the woods softly shift, looking down and smiling upon her.

For now however she is saved from Vi's stormy presence, and the woodlands remain gently attuned to the girl, the breeze following her like a distant melody.

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