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Wishing Wagon Mini-Event!
Ianto Dea Arduinna

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The will-o-wisps gathered in droves about the Wishing Wagon, casting it in a merry (ghoulish?) light that was only complemented by the moon and the stars hanging above. The evening was just drawing in when it had appeared as if by magic, torches scattered here and there to mark its place on the Outskirts before the scorch line of the barrier.

Ethereal music echoed from within, promising further wonders and excitement, and for those who gathered, they would not be disappointed. Flinging open the shutters to reveal a polished wooden countertop and rows and rows of delights for the taking, Ianto Dea Arduinna flashed a golden grin out to the waiting customers.

"Welcome all, to the Wishing Wagon!" He greeted them all as if this were a show - and as a merchant, it very well might be. "Tonight I bring you glorious items from across the Greatwood and even beyond!" Probably, he didn't know. "Interested? Of course you are. All you need to do is make me an offer I can't refuse on the item of your choice." He tipped them a wink and propped an elbow on the counter, waiting expectantly.

Welcome to the Wishing Wagon mini event! The items currently available for sale are as follows:

Cool Whip
Shrunken Skull
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Safety Pin
2 pieces of parchment
Bone Dice

If your character is interested in any of the items, please make Ianto an offer of something in exchange. ;D It does not necessarily have to be an item or coin, etc. (though you can use those if you like). Ianto may consider anything - a song, a story, a promise, a secret, a lock of hair, a love letter... anything you can think of that he may find useful or interesting.

You may make an offer on only ONE item.

If multiple people bid on the same item, Ianto will definitely succumb to bribes and/or favouritism.

If Ianto isn't interested, you may not haggle. However, that isn't to say he won't try to haggle with you...

Enjoy! You have 72 hours to make your offers.

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Remi Taliesin
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Atop the wagon sat a raccoon watching the spectacle with wide and mischievous eyes. His dark tail was curled around his small feet as he appeared be rolling herbs into small bags.

Are you actually expecting to get anything out of this? Remi asked, his mental voice far more thickly accented as he watched the back of Ianto's coppery hair with mounting amusement. Or is this just for your own amusement? He added with what would have been a raised brow had his eyes not been darkened by furry rings.

Remi just raccooning and hanging out on the wagon, watching.
Bastien De Rosieres
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Music and lights in the darkness? Few things were more attractive to Bastien. As soon as he heard the chatter and saw the soft glow on the horizon himself, he was off, going to find Rexanna before he left. For there was a chance this would be dangerous, and he didn't want her to hear he'd died running off to sparkling lights like a toddler from someone else.

As it happened she wanted to come, so they headed together towards Ianto's wagon. Bastien watched the man's speech with a smile on his face, enjoying the showmanship. This was the kind of performance he had missed from the markets and shows in Venice. Gladly he walked forward to inspect his wares.

The only thing he could really see that took his interest was the vase, which bore many beautiful colours and patterns; Bastien loved to own objects of aesthetic value and it would be good for the guild to collect art from around Caido, begin something of an exhibition of the talents of the land.

"For that vase...I can offer you many services. Drinks and food in my guild, my own skills for painting or neatening up your wagon, something crafted by one of our guildmembers...I would make it worth your while." He promised Ianto, an easy smirk on his lips.

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Roana Steadman

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Next to the wagon stood Roana, arms crossed, watching as people gathered. She wore her leather armor, Krosis in plain view on her hip. Was she there to buy wares? Nope. Not today anyways. Roana was the muscle of the operation for the time being. She did owe Ianto for her life after all. So she stood by, looking intimidating and carefully watching for any signs that someone was going to give her dear brother any trouble.

Briefly she glanced over the wares, vaguely curious if any of it actually had real value. She had a sneaking suspicion that Ianto wasn’t the most…trustworthy vendor to those he did not personally know well. But it frankly wasn’t her business either. A debt was a debt and she would surely pay it. Besides, she got to spend some time with folk who didn’t hate the ground she walked on and quietly watch the paths Ianto took through the woods. He wasn’t teaching her the paths…but he couldn’t stop her from memorizing the ways he went either.

Roana being big and scary security detail.
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Wessex Theskyra
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Wishing Wagon, eh? Looks like quite the normal wagon to Wessex, despite the clever alliteration. A wagon filled with trinkets, she surmises, immediately suspicious of its appearance and the handsome, albeit sweet-talking, Outlander.

The Ascendant is already out and about tonight, dressed in a little more than her usual leather get up. Loose pants. A sleeveless shirt. Easily led the scene by both Will o’ Wisps and torches, the sounds of unworldly music reaching keen ears. The man seems to be doing all he can to attract them, so like a super flammable moth to the flame, Wessex approaches. Pointedly ignoring Roana, taking her time to visually examine the items from one side to another before she reaches the end of the shelving. She keeps an amused, but otherwise indifferent expression on her face, neither finding joy in the many items or dismissing them outright.

Until she comes to the Map. Her eyes flit from the inked piece of gold to the handsome merchant. No doubt he knows what is in his wares, and he knows his audience. This thing will not come cheaply. And while she doesn’t know his sexual preference, it’s a damn shame she doesn’t have a dick to woo him with.  

Having made her selection, the wiry woman stands back and boldly makes an offer. “A personal favor, for the Map.” She has nothing to offer except for her body (har har) and her services. He has the ‘protection’ of Roana (by the way, who’s watching her kids?) so he doesn’t need another bodyguard. But a favor? Well, that he could save for whenever he might be in genuine need of it.

If the Map is what she thinks it is (and fuck it, it may not be), she will get just as much out of it. The risk is worth it - she doesn’t have a personal Ianto to show her the ways of the Wood. Anything to get ahead.
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Nate Wren
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The nights here were dark, far darker than anything Nate was used to. Normally, he wouldn’t be up so late, but habit was a hell of a drug, especially combined with the other, actual drugs in his system. Maybe that was why the twinkling lights and dim, dim music in the distance were so irresistible, a call both familiar and distracting.

The sight he came upon was not what he’d expected, not that that stopped him from moving as close to the cart as he could, greedy eyes taking in the goods on display, even if all of this did reek of a grift. He glanced at the man running it, sizing him up, then over to his guard, her stony demeanour (and giant fucking sword) convincing him to keep his hands in his pockets.

A few things jumped out at him immediately, his gaze sliding over the rolled up carpet, the (macabre but cool) shrunken head, the dull glimmer of the dice until finally they settled on the coil of the whip. ”I want that. The whip..” He announced loudly, pointing while bright eyes moved up to find Ianto’s face, making sure he was heard. He didn’t have anything much to offer, expect for his few skills. ”I could offer you a game for it. I’ve got cards, you’ve got dice. Or hell, I think I even have a coin to flip, if you wanna keep it real simple.” Nate had ways to rig fate in his favour, he just had to hope that Ianto found his offer of chance interesting enough to take him up on it.
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Rexanna De Rosieres
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She had been far too excited when Bastien had come to her door and asked her to explore the lights in the fields once again. She had put a coat on and practically skipped out the door with him toward it. Part of her, far too excited at the aspect of what kind of things they might find there, was perhaps in bewilderment at Bastien coming to find her first without going and seeing what it was about previously. Perhaps he was relaxing on his mother hen status toward her? She was glad to see him regardless, and had yet to tell him about her run in with Lucas most recently, but she was hopeful the conversation would happen soon and go well of all things.

But Rexanna wouldn’t let that conversation dim the possibilities and bewilderment of the Wishing Wagon!

They walked toward the wagon, and as if Bastien and Rexanna’s faces were mirrored, a same enchanted smile crested across her face as they watched the performance Ianto gave. She didn’t know the man, didn’t recognize him, but the wares within his wagon were far too intriguing to not give in at least somewhat. Bastien spoke of a vase, and others piped up as well – her sapphire gaze noticing Wessex and giving a small nod and slight smirk toward her strange… acquaintance? She liked Wessex well enough, at least.

But when it came to what Rexanna wanted from the wagon, she had her eyes on the fireworks, uncertain of how to barter with it. It was easier for food and the other things in the Settlement – simply offering something from her transmutation magic or the fireworks brimming within her blood to keep a few children happy. It had done enough – but this, this was something else. Glancing to Bastien briefly before she focused with her sapphire gaze onto Ianto, she gave him a brilliant charming smile. “For the fireworks, I can give you my own fireworks show? Or if that doesn't strike you, I also sew a bit; I could make you some beautiful new clothes?” Her head tilted slightly, hoping one of the offers would be good enough. She really wanted those fireworks.
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Feel free to use magic/force on Rexanna, without killing her <3
Phoebe Steadman
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Phoebe had been on her way to the market she she heard about the special wagon. Oh? A new vendor? Someone who had been outside tbe barrier? That seemed rather interesting! She wondered what they might have that she couldn't get before. After a glance in her basket to see if she had anything worth a trade the young midwife decided to head over to see for herself.

The already gathered crowd was no surprise, though she was a bit surprised to see Roana there, who she waved to. And...was that Remi? No wild raccoon would ever been that well behaved! She she smiled softly and waved up at what she assumed was Remi but could perhaps make her look like a crazy person waving at the wildlife. Big brown eyes turned to the wares, the soft skirt of her light pink dress settling around her ankles. It seemed people were interested in the flashy things. A map, whip, vase, fireworks even! But Phoebe was not so flashy. She was practical most of the time. The young woman rubbed her lips together, trying to decide what she wanted to barter for. The parchment was actually useful...oh but the rabbits foot would be fun! She wasn't particularly superstitious but...a little extra luck in her life seemed warranted.

"Excuse me..." she said in her mild mannered way, her eyes still darting between the parchment and the rabbits foot. "Would you be willing to trade the...rabbit's foot for some medicinal teas and tonics?" she said, deciding to be frivolous. "Some you can use yourself, like these for tummy or headaches and other pains. These here you could add to your inventory though, they are more supplemental for expecting women." he said, showing him what she had to offer.
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Lily Balfour

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All the pretty things and what has she got to offer?

Nevermind that this is the first time she’s seen Bastien since he ‘died,’ and the sight of him very happy, ‘healthy,’ and just as suave as ever brings up some very weird non-romantic, but still residually angry feelings regarding abandonment. Even though she can damn well take care of herself. And the potential result of their chat could be that he wants her home back (complete with magic boner room, which she doesn’t know about yet, but might need with Lucas very soon), and to evict her. It’s weird. Her breath kind of stalls and she turns away to compose herself and pretend she’s a very stable businesswoman.

There. Home comforts. Parchment. She’s feeling a bit greedy - which one, which one?! Chewing in the bottom part of her lip while trying to make a decision, she finally does. Putting on her most winsome, charming smile for her fellow redhead, Lily sidles up, flashing him a coy smile that begins in the corners of her mouth and ends in her sea-green eyes. A little British Isles blood in both of them, eh?

“I can write you a song all about you, if you’ll give me the pieces of parchment. And spend an evening by my fire telling me about yourself.”

Can he picture it? The Ballad of Ianto or Ianto’s Servitude, or The Fox and the Wishing Wagon. Assuming Lily lives long enough, he could go down in the annals of Caido's history.

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Ianto Dea Arduinna

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They came like moths to a candle flame, fluttering about and making their choices, offering him dribs and drabs, some interesting, others... no, they were all interesting. It's just some were not what he wanted. Ianto grinned and took their words on board, propping an elbow on the wagon countertop and flicking his gaze up to the raccoon on the roof, rolling his eyes before addressing his wonderful customers.

He turned first to Bastien. "Good sir, I'll take that suggestion, thank you. I'll be in touch to have something crafted by your fine guild. The vase is yours." He extended a hand to invite the other man to take it.

Wessex, though... Ianto did not quite know what to make of the woman, blue eyes narrowing ever so slightly. He recognised in both she and Bastien the look of what he thought were called Ascended. And that in itself was useful, but a favour, as well? Sold. Carefully, he lifted the rolled up map from its place hanging against the wagon, holding it out for Wessex. "Use it well," he said, unusually solemn.

Next he glanced to Nate, grinning ear to ear but shaking his head. "I am a merchant, sir. I trade, I do not gamble." Not when he was part of the Wishing Wagon, anyway. The whip would remain for sale, unfortunately.

"A set of new clothes, though... my lady, if your skills are as beautiful as you are, I would be honoured. Take the fireworks." He tipped a wink at Rexanna, but the amusement faded from his eyes as he moved next to Phoebe. Usually he would not hesitate, for the items she offered were very useful indeed, and he cared little for consequences. Her choice, though...

Ianto shook his head. "You don't want that. Visit me again, though. See what else there is on offer, next time."

Finally his eyes landed on Lily, and she quickly became his favourite. Letting out a musical laugh, he nodded and took the parchment down, holding it out to her. "You have yourself quite the deal. I will come and see you soon."

With the trades made, promises promised, and goods delivered, the lights around the wagon dimmed almost instantly and it shut up shop, Ianto disappearing inside. The wagon would remain until morning before trundling back into the Greatwood, but no further movement would be seen within.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the first Wishing Wagon event! There will be another next season! :3 Please get in touch if we need to thread for Ianto's payments. *wink wink*

The following items were bought:

BASTIEN: Vase | Will keep any flower/plant alive.

WESSEX: Greatwood Map | An extensive, colourful map of the Greatwood and its many pathways. It is strange - the map seems to warp and alter on occasion, even as you look at it. The routes never seem to be the same.

REXANNA: Fireworks | When lit, creates crude imagery in the sky.

LILY: Magical two-way parchment | Two pieces of parchment that will always show what is written on the other piece.

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